Slack Integration 

Slack brings all your team communications into one place, and integrates with many of the services you use every day and posts automatic updates in a channel to keep your whole team in the loop. Since combatting churn is a team sport, using our Slack integration is a perfect way to keep folks informed on customers that hit your cancel experience.

The Slack integration allows you to post events from Chargebee Retention (Cancels, Saves, Deflected, etc) instantly to any channel you wish. We recommend creating a #chargebee-retention channel specifically as an event log. Check out the snapshot below to see how it will look in action:

Installing the Slack Integration

First off, you have to be a Slack Admin to install the integration, so if you're not an admin you'll need to invite them to Chargebee Retention. You can do that following these instructions: Add your team to Chargebee Retention

Once that's settled, the Admin can follow these instructions to connect Chargebee Retention to Slack:

  1. Create a #chargebee-retention channel in Slack
  2. Go to the Chargebee Retention Admin Page
  3. See, "Slack" listed under "Integrations" and click "Connect"
  4. The Slack Admin will be redirected to Slack where they will need to authorize the Chargebee Retention app
  5. Select the #chargebee-retention channel

Chargebee Retention is only requesting 1 scope, incoming web hook, which enables Chargebee Retention to post alerts into defined channels.

Slack Definitions

  • Hit: customer lands on Chargebee Retention page
  • Deflect: any action a customer takes to leave Chargebee Retention including:
    • Clicks nevermind URL
    • Clicks chat from modal
    • Clicks any link from modal
    • Clicks schedule link from modal
    • Clicks send feedback on modal
    • Clicks accept offer from modal
  • Save: customer does not cancel within 30 days
  • Cancel Request: customer confirms they wish to cancel
  • CSM Alert: an event has been activated for a CSM

Slack Events

  • Cancel: canceled due to:
  • Save: was saved by a
  • Email feedback: submitted a feedback email in response to
  • Chat: started a chat in response to
  • Schedule: scheduled a call in response to
  • URL: visited in response to
  • Offer: accepted the offer
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