# Voucher-based Payments

Voucher-based payment method helpers via Chargebee.js offers the flexibility of utilizing vouchers as a payment method for your customers. With this feature, customers have the option to complete their online purchases by visiting authorized locations, such as convenience stores, to finalize the payment in person. Vouchers are particularly beneficial for:

  • Businesses that serve customers who do not possess debit/credit cards or bank accounts, provide them with an accessible payment option.
  • Merchants targeting consumers in countries where card authorization rates are low, as integrating an alternative payment method like vouchers can significantly enhance conversion rates.

These payment vouchers serve as a means to maintain a comprehensive record of payments made, whether in cash or through bank transactions.

By integrating Chargebee.js into your payment workflow, you can effortlessly create, manage, and validate vouchers, enhancing the overall payment experience for your customers.

Voucher-based payments using payment method helper are supported for the below: