Connecting the Stripe integration 

The Stripe integration enables Chargebee Retention to cross-check your billing system to validate any Chargebee Retention Saved or Watch List customers haven't canceled or let their accounts lapse in other ways beyond Chargebee Retention, and calculate the dollar amount in revenue saved (or lost) per customer that hits your Chargebee Retention Page. Connecting the Stripe integration is just a few simple steps, and starts by creating a restricted API key in your Stripe account for Chargebee Retention to use.

Log in to Stripe and head to Developers > API keys and click Create restricted key

You'll need to create a key with the following permissions.

Resource Type Permissions Connect Permissions
Read Read
Events Read Read
Read Read
Read Read
Write Write  
Coupons Read Read

Give your Restricted key and meaningful name and enable the correct permissions from the table.

Click Create key and enter your password.

Copy the API key so you can enter it in Chargebee Retention.

In Chargebee Retention, head to Settings in the lower-left sidebar.

In Settings, find the Stripe integration under Integrations, and select Manage.

Enter your API key here.

That's it! You'll all set to use Chargebee Retention's cancel management and enrichment via the Stripe API.


You'll need to repeat this process in your Sandbox app to work with Stripe's testing environment.

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