Leveraging Offer Placement to Drive Deflection 

Chargebee Retention provides a few different options within the Cancel Page for you to place offers. These options are designed to maximize your ability to retain customers and should be deployed in combination with each other to provide a congruent Cancel Experience that is optimized to drive Saves. There are four primary locations within the Chargebee Retention Cancel Page Template that you can place an offer. They are:

This article will go into each of these in more depth and cover how you should leverage them within your own Cancel Experience. We cover the nuts and bolts of how to physically place your Offers and Loss Aversion cards in this article.

Loss Aversion Card Offers 

The Loss Aversion Cards are often the first thing a user sees when they visit a Chargebee Retention Cancel Page and offer one of the strongest opportunities to deflect a canceling user with a targeted Offer. This offer will by nature be seen by 100% of people who visit a Page and therefore has your highest exposure of any Offer position. We typically recommend that customers put their strongest performing Offer Type in this placement. If you know that your users have a high propensity to skip an order and repurchase this is a great Offer to place in a Loss Aversion Card. If you know that users are likely to be enticed by a Discount or the remaining credits they have left on their account, these are great Offers to place here. If you have no idea which offer is going to work best for you, that is ok too. You can test out different Offers and determine which one makes the most sense. We cover Offer Testing in more detail in this article.

We have a few specific templates in our Offer Library for these Offers, so head on over there if you want to get started adding an Offer to one of your Loss Aversion Cards.

Reason Based Modal Offers 

The second type of Offer Modal in Chargebee Retention is a "Reason-Based" offer. This means that the Offer is presented when a user selects a Reason in the Cancel Experience. When the user selects the reason, we trigger a modal that pops up with the Offer you want to display to the user. Reason-Based offers are incredibly powerful because they allow you to layer another Offer within the Cancel Page, that only users who select that specific reason will see. However, this does not mean that you need to have different Offers for each reason. In-fact, most of our customers see the best results by starting with a random Offer test, and then over time evolving to include specific Reason-Based offers only after identifying which Offers perform best. For more info on how to determine which Reason-Based Offer strategy is best for you, visit this article.

There are several different options for modal layouts that also can be selected in the Offer Library by creating a new Offer.

Time-Based Modal Offers 

Time-Based Modal Offers are similar to Reason-Based in the sense that a modal pops up with the Offer presented to the user. The main difference here is that these offers are triggered based on a time delay after the user loads the page, instead of a reason they select. This means that everyone who stays on the page for longer the time limit selected will see this Offer. These "time-based" Offers allow you the flexibility to present every user with an Offer after they have had a minute to absorb the rest of the Cancel Experience.

These time-based models are not yet supported in the admin app, so please contact your TAM or if you would like to test out a Time-Based modal. Soon our Performance and Enterprise customers will be able to configure these modals from directly within the Page Settings.

Final Offer Cancel Modal 

The Final Offer Cancel Modal is triggered when a user hits the cancel button at the bottom of the Cancel Page. This modal presents the user with one last Offer, or the option to continue to complete their cancel. We have seen customers leverage this modal successfully with Offers to "sleep your account" or "extend a trial" as it generally has a lower accept rate given the fact that the user has already filled out the Cancel Survey. You can create a Final Offer Cancel Modal by navigating to the Offer Library, creating a New Offer, and selecting the Final Offer Layout.

That does it for Offer Placements in Chargebee Retention. If you need assistance determining which Offers to place in which locations, please contact your TAM or and we will assist.

Here are a few additional resources on Offers in Chargebee Retention:

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