# Overview

Chargebee offers checkout solutions designed to work well on mobile. By default, all our hosted pages are mobile responsive and take users through a comfortable checkout experience while accessing your website or web app from their mobile browsers.

Additionally, if you have mobile apps, we also offer SDKs and wrappers to give you more control over the checkout experience within those mobile apps.

With various checkout solutions, you can pick the most fluid and reliable experience that works for you while controlling PCI (opens new window), App Store (opens new window), and Google Play (opens new window) compliance requirements. Moreover, we also provide example applications for you to test before integrating these solutions with your apps.

Types of Mobile Solutions:

The following are the mobile solutions offered by Chargebee:

Let us see how you can use these solutions in different scenarios.

# Supported Solutions

# Credit Card Tokenization and Subscription Creation Solutions

Credit card tokenization is a process that involves the use of native software development kits (SDKs) to tokenize credit card information and facilitate the creation of subscriptions within Chargebee, our payment management platform. Let us see in detail the solutions provided by the native SDKs and React Native wrapper, as well as the role of the application's user interface (UI) in managing the payment flow.

# Credit card tokenization with native SDKs

The native SDKs provide a set of functions that enable the tokenization of credit card details and the seamless creation of subscriptions in Chargebee. These SDKs are designed to integrate with the application's existing architecture and facilitate secure and efficient payment processing through the Stripe payment gateway. (opens new window)

  • Credit Card Tokenization

    To tokenize credit card information, the native SDKs offer methods that securely handle sensitive data and generate unique tokens. These tokens serve as a substitute for actual credit card details and can be used for subsequent transactions without exposing sensitive information.

  • Subscription Creation

    In addition to tokenization, the native SDKs also include functionalities to create subscriptions within Chargebee. By utilizing these functions, the application can seamlessly set up recurring billing for customers, manage subscription plans, and handle subscription-related events.

  • UI Management

    While the native SDKs handle credit card tokenization and subscription creation, the responsibility for managing the payment flow UI lies with the application. The application's UI should provide a user-friendly interface for customers to enter and manage their payment details, select subscription plans, and view relevant information.

# React Native wrapper

The React Native wrapper is a component built on top of our existing Chargebee checkout flow. It provides a streamlined UI specifically tailored for the checkout process. The wrapper supports integration with various payment gateways that are compatible with Chargebee, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for different payment options.

  • Checkout UI

    With the React Native wrapper, the application gains access to a pre-built UI that enables customers to go through the checkout process seamlessly. This UI component is designed to integrate with the native SDKs, allowing for the secure tokenization of credit card information and the creation of subscriptions within Chargebee.

  • Payment Gateway Support

    The React Native wrapper supports payment gateways that are compatible with Chargebee. By leveraging this wrapper, the application can seamlessly integrate with multiple payment gateways, offering customers a range of options to complete their transactions.


The latest React native 2.x (opens new window) SDK version supports only IAP, while you can use the 1.x (opens new window) version of the React Native SDK for handling physical goods.


  • If you would like support for other gateways or payment methods on the SDK, do write to us.

  • Contact us if you want to use In-app purchases in Chargebee for digital subscriptions