# Native SDKs

Chargebee’s Native SDK supports processing In-app purchase subscriptions and collecting payments through the Stripe payment gateway (opens new window).

The following capabilities are supported by Native SDKs:

  • Sync In-app subscriptions to Chargebee
  • Collect card payments via tokenization

# Sync In-App Subscriptions


For SDK methods to work, ensure that prerequisites(Apple (opens new window) and Google (opens new window)) are configured in Chargebee.

Sync In-app Subscriptions with Chargebee by integrating Chargebee with the Apple App Store (opens new window) or Google Play Store (opens new window) to process In-app purchase subscriptions and track them on your Chargebee account for a single source of truth for subscriptions across the Web, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. You can use iOS (opens new window), Android (opens new window), or Flutter (opens new window) SDKs of Chargebee to process and track In-app subscriptions of the Apple App Store (opens new window) and Google Play Store (opens new window) on your Chargebee account. Use this if you are selling digital goods or services or are required to use Apple's and Google’s In-app purchases as per their app review guidelines(Apple (opens new window) and Google (opens new window)).

# Collect Card Payments

Chargebee’s SDKs for Android and iOS allow you to use your UI components to collect payment details in your app, providing even more control over the user experience. Use these SDKs if you’d rather not use WebViews or redirect the user to mobile browsers, and want to integrate using APIs as much as possible.

When a customer fills and submits your payment form, the SDK tokenizes the payment information and stores it at the payment gateway. The SDK also returns a payment token to you, for completing the subscription actions using Chargebee APIs. Since sensitive payment information is transported directly from your customer to the gateway, the PCI compliance requirement is significantly lesser.

# Example