Apple Pay via 

This feature is a Private Beta Release. Contact support  to enable Apple Pay via for your Test and Live site.

Introduction is a leading single payment platform to accept payments through multiple payment methods, on any device that supports Apple Pay. Click here  for more information.

You can now configure your Chargebee site to accept Apple Pay using your Account. Apple Pay via is supported by Chargebee's API, hosted pages, and Chargebee JS .

  1. Apple Pay via is available for both ABC and NAS platform users.
  2. Apple Pay in Chargebee can be enabled for only one payment gateway at a time. Make sure you disable it from any other gateway to enable it for your desired gateway.

Configuring Apple Pay 

Configure your Payment Gateway. If already configured, move to the next step.

Follow the steps below to configure your Chargebee account to accept Apple Pay payments via

  1. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway >

  2. Enable Apple Pay.

  3. Enter your Business Name.

  4. Enter your Merchant ID. Click here  to learn how to create or retrieve the same.

  5. Enter the Merchant Country Code. This is the code of the country or region where the payment will be processed.

  6. Add your Merchant Identity Certificate and Merchant Identity Key. Click here  to know how to create or retrieve the same.

  7. Add your Domain Association File. Click here  to know how to get the same.

  8. Choose one or multiple options - Shipping Address, Billing Address, or Email and Phone, if you want to collect this information mandatorily from customers.

  9. Click Save to complete the configuration.

Smart Routing 

Configure Smart Routing settings to enable as your preferred gateway with Apple Pay.


The domain validation requirements of Apple Pay restrict the configuration to only one payment gateway that can actively support Apple Pay at a time. Hence, the option to enable Apple Pay via other payment gateways such as Stripe or Braintree must be disabled.

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