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Integrations is a unified platform that manages all the stages of a payment cycle. Chargebee's integration with enables card payments for merchants from North America, and Europe.

Types of Accounts has two types of accounts - Test account and Live account. You can integrate the Test Account of with the Test Site of Chargebee and the Live Account of with the Live Site of Chargebee.


Contact's support and get full API access for your Test and Live site.

Integration Options 

Listed below are the integration options available between Chargebee and

# Methodology Description PCI Requirements 3DS supported?
1 Chargebee API + Gateway In this method, collecting card information should be handled at your end and passed on to Chargebee via the API. Chargebee will route this card information directly to High
(card information will be collected by you directly, you will have to take care of PCI Compliance requirements)

For more info, contact [email protected] 
2 Chargebee Checkout + Gateway In this method, the card information of the customers are collected by Chargebee's checkout and directly passed on to Low
(Your PCI compliance requirements are greatly reduced because of Chargebee's checkout. As a merchant using Chargebee's checkout, all you have to do is submit a Self Assessment Questionnaire to stay compliant.)
3 + Chargebee API In this method, the card details are captured and tokenized on your side by's javascript library and the token is sent to Chargebee. Low
(card details are tokenized by
4 Chargebee.js (JS helper) + gateway There are multiple ways to interact with Chargebee.js.
  • You can use Chargebee Components and Hosted Fields to collect the card details.
  • You can also collect the card details at your end and send to Chargebee.js directly.


(card information will be collected by you directly, you will have to take care of PCI Compliance requirements)


In order to set up this integration, you will need to obtain your Secret API and Public API key from (You can find the API Secret Key under Settings > Channels > API Keys in

Once you have noted the keys, follow the below steps to integrate with

Step 1: Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateways > Add Payment Gateway >

Step 2: Enter the API Secret Key and API Public key.

You have now successfully configured the integration between and Chargebee. You can manage the settings from the Configure Settings page shown below.


To change the Cards Setting, click the Manage link. The Cards Settings page is displayed.

  • Card Verification: This is a mandatory option. An amount of $1 is deducted from the customers' card for validation. This amount is refunded immediately. Cards that do not pass this validation, will not be added. mandates to send the Source Transaction ID for recurring payments which helps in better payment approval rates. This setting is made mandatory as it allows Chargebee to send the information to even for cases where there are delayed payments (like trial). It ensures that all cards are verified before being vaulted in the gateway.

  • Allow Prepaid cards: Enabling this option allows your customers to use a prepaid card for their transaction.

  • Always retain card information in when customer updates it: Enabling this option stores the updated card information in rather than the default gateway.

Once you have made the necessary changes, click Save.


Webhooks are indispensable when it comes to integrating Chargebee with as they pass crucial payment information. This is essential because most of the payment operations in are asynchronous and Webhooks are the only way to communicate the status to Chargebee. Webhooks in this integration is configured automatically. You can use this link to setup Webhooks manually in case the automatic update fails.

Automated Account Updater 

This integration supports automated account update for cards.

Payment failures and recovery are the most difficult aspects of recurring billing businesses due to the sheer complexities involved. In most cases, payment failures occur as a result of an expired or updated card. Chargebee supports an automated account update for Each time there is an update to the customer's card number, expiry, or Customer Verification Value (CVV), the details are updated in Chargebee (in real-time) with the help of card networks and the gateway. This helps avoid any manual efforts for your customers and more importantly avoid payments failing due to outdated card information.

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