PayPal via Braintree 


Braintree accepts payments via PayPal. This means, you can connect Braintree with Chargebee and accept payments via Braintree and PayPal. Braintree's setup guide will give you further instructions about linking PayPal with Braintree.

With Braintree payment gateway, your customers can now make payments using their PayPal Account. Customers will be prompted to enter their PayPal credentials to complete the payment. Braintree does not charge any processing fees for PayPal transactions. You can view all your payment transactions processed via Card and PayPal in the Braintree account.

This feature is supported in all countries where Braintree is available.

  • If Multicurrency is enabled in your Chargebee site, kindly ensure that the currencies configured in your Chargebee site are configured in your PayPal Merchant account as well. This is to prevent payment failures in Chargebee when your customer makes the payment with a currency which is not configured in your Chargebee site.
  • For accepting payments via PayPal, you must be using Braintree Direct. For further information on Braintree Direct, contact Braintree's Support Team.
  • The approval process for Braintree to allow payments using PayPal will take 1-2 business days.
  • iframe tags and Chargebee's Rhapsody theme are not supported.

Integrate via Chargebee API 

Step 1: Setup PayPal in Braintree

Click here   to know more on how to configure PayPal in Braintree.

Step 2: Process transactions via Chargebee API

At checkout, PayPal payment method's nonce   (as temporary token) received from Braintree should be passed to Chargebee via API. Click here   to learn more about temporary token and other payment parameters.
Refer these APIs for more:

Integrate via Checkout Pages 

Step 1: Setup PayPal in Braintree

Click here   to know more on how to configure PayPal in Braintree.

Step 2: Enable PayPal in Chargebee

To enable PayPal for Braintree in your Chargebee site,

  1. Go to Settings > Payment Gateways > Braintree.
  2. Enable PayPal, and specify your Braintree merchant account ID for respective currencies.
  3. Click Proceed.

Step 3: Configure PayPal in Chargebee's hosted pages

You can now proceed to set up PayPal in Chargebee's hosted pages.

Business Description

Provide a Business Description. It serves as an additional note related to the transaction which will show up in your customer's PayPal account. This will enable your customers to easily identify the transactions related to your company.

The business description appears in your PayPal login page as shown below,


You can choose to retrieve the customer's billing address and shipping address from their PayPal account to be auto filled in the checkout pages.

The payment gateway configuration is now complete.

Checkout with PayPal 

Your customers can now see PayPal listed amongst the payment methods in the hosted checkout page.


Learn more on how to link your PayPal sandbox account to your Braintree test account here 


1. What will happen if I add a new currency to my gateway account?

Make sure that you have added the new currency on your Chargebee site. You can update the Braintree Merchant Account Info for the newly added currency from Settings > Payment Gateways > Braintree > PayPal.

2. What happens when customer cancels the agreement from their PayPal account?

The future payments for that customer will fail and a notification will be sent (to merchant). You can either cancel the subscription immediately or request the customer to update another payment method

3. How is VAT Location validation performed?

If copying the billing address from customer's PayPal account is allowed, customer's PayPal account country and IP address will be validated against billing address country. If neither is present, the location status will be marked as invalid and subscription will be canceled on renewal. Read more about Chargebee's Location Validation.

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