Managing Teams to Control App Access 

Your Company's Billing Admin will have access to the User Management tab in Chargebee Retention where they can create and manage Teams. The primary purpose of the Teams feature today is to allow you to provide different users with access to certain applications in Retention. Here are a few use cases we see for teams:

  • You have a group that only works on your test account or sandbox and you don't want them to have access to production
  • You have different brands that are managed on different Retention Apps and you don't need them to have access to all the brands, only a subset
  • You have different business units or entities that are managed independently on different Retention Apps and you don't need them to have access to all of these entities, only a subset

Note, multiple production applications is an Enterprise Plan feature today in Chargebee Retention. Please contact your account manager or and we will assist you with this.

We start out all new trial and applications with a "Default" team.

Today we do not let you delete the team once it is created, so think carefully about how you name these before saving them.

From there you can create new teams and manage which Apps they have access to.

When inviting a new team member to Chargebee Retention, you will now have the ability to select which team you want them assigned too. Note: users must have a team assigned, you cannot have a user saved without any team assignment as they will not have access to the product if this is the case. If you have any questions about teams, please contact

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