Overview of RevRec Reporting 


RevRec comes with a robust warehouse and embedded reporting toolset. It provides a standard set of accounting and control reports along with General Ledger for revenue and expense recognition. These reports are developed on Microstrategy, a well-adopted enterprise reporting platform that allows you the flexibility to drill down or aggregate information to different levels, reformat the report layout, and download or export the detailed data.

Using RevRec Reports 

To access reports on the RevRec site, click the Reports link on the main menu.

The Reports page displays multiple tabs for each key category of reports.

Click open a tab to access reports in the respective category. Click to open and view a report from the left navigation.

  1. The Report name is always displayed at the top of the page.

  2. The Top toolbar comprises the range of available options for each report. The list of categories changes with each report type.

  3. Report Objects or Attributes can be used to dig deeper into the data.

  4. Metrics can also be added to the report to understand performance.

  5. Drillable data is a list of categories that changes with report type.

  6. The Filter option allows you to filter the entire report based on specific conditions.

  7. Switch to Related Reports and navigate to other related reports quickly.

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