Branding represents the face of your company and plays a key role in creating a recognized and reputed business. Well-strategized branding helps you gain leverage over your competitors by anchoring your business as a fine establishment in the marketplace.

By uploading your company logo, icons and by setting color schemes, you can ensure that the checkout pages, customer portals, emails, and invoices reflect your brand effectively.

Setup Global Brand Identities 

Setting up your Branding elements in Chargebee is easy.

Log in to your Chargebee site and navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Brand Styles.

Click Add Logo & Color to navigate to the page where you can upload a logo, icon, and favicon as well as pick a color for the buttons, links, and other highlights. To upload a logo, icon, and favicon, follow these requirements.

Upload Category

Recommended Size

Available Preview

Logo 400 X 300px or 300 X 400px Email and Invoice
Icon 300 X 300px (square image) Checkout and Self-serve portal
Favicon 256 X 256px (square image) None

Icon is for standby while designing Invoice, in case Logo is not present.

The color you pick will be brought in to play in buttons, links and other highlights in customer-facing elements like Email, Invoice, Checkout page, and Self-serve portal.

If the color is not available in the pallete, you can add your custom color in HEX code format.


Completing the two steps will have the branding in place for you.

To see your brand settings in action, without any impact on the data saved, find the option on the right-top corner of the window.

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