HelloSign allows you to create quotes using a customized template, which can be sent to your customers. These quotes can then be digitally signed. Using Hellosign, you can automate sending reminders for customers to sign, thus saving you the effort of multiple manual follow-ups.
Chargebee's integration with HelloSign enables you to send out an accepted quote to your customers.


The following are the prerequisites for getting an accepted quote e-signed using the HelloSign template.

  • Zoom meeting link to enable the setup.
  • HelloSign subscription

Integrating HelloSign 

The integration works in the following sequence with three basic steps:

  • Creating a quote
  • Sending a quote via HelloSign
  • Creating a Subscription

Let's understand the process in each of these steps.

  1. Creating a quote
    A quote is created in open status in Chargebee.

    • Send the quote to your customer through the Send Email capability in Chargebee and receive a formal acceptance from the customer
    • Chargebee also allows you to update the quote and resend the updated quote to the customer if there is a negotiation in place.
    • After a customer has agreed to the quote, mark the quote as Accepted.
      Note:This automation does not send a PDF version of the accepted quote. Also allows negotiation and resends the quote until it is accepted.
  2. Sending a quote via HelloSign

    When the Chargebee Quote is marked as accepted, it is sent as a contract through HelloSign to the customer. Upon receiving the contract, the customer can choose to accept by e-signing or decline.

  3. Creating a Subscription

    When the contract is signed in HelloSign, Chargebee automatically converts it into a Subscription. This sync happens once every five minutes.

Converting a Quote to Subscription with HelloSign 

To convert a quote to a subscription using Hellosign follow these steps:

  1. Initiating the Sales Cycle: The salesperson initiates the sales cycle with a purchasing agent.

  2. Choosing Quote Type: A potential quote is selected in the Open status.

  3. Communication between the parties

    • The final quote's items and prices are agreed upon after this communication process.
    • The salesperson uses Chargebee's quote application to send the customer a PDF of the quote.
  4. Tracking updates after sending

    • The customer agrees to all the items and terms.
    • The salesperson uses the Chargebee quote application to change the quote status to Accepted.
  5. HelloSign shares a request for a signature

    Once the quote is Accepted, the HelloSign template configured in the recipe is populated with the fields from Chargebee and sent out to the customer's email id.

    HelloSign Sample Template

    Here is a sample HelloSign template.

    HelloSign Sync Rules

    For Chargebee's quote to work as expected the merged fields are named and must be named exactly as they appear. The list of fields and their mapping is available within the Field Mapping table shown below.

    HelloSign Field Mapping

    Map fields from Chargebee quote to the text fields in the HelloSign template. So every time sending out a quote for an e-signature, the fields automatically get pre-filled in the HelloSign template. Below is a list of Chargebee fields that can be mapped to the labeled fields of the HelloSign template:


    Chargebee Field


    Chargebee quote ID


    Total amount that will be invoiced


    First and last from billing contact


    From billing address


    From billing address


    Company name from contact

    HelloSign Custom Fields

    When sending a signature request based on a template, you can also pass in custom fields as an optional parameter. More information on custom fields can be found in the template walkthrough from HelloSign. A sample template custom field setup is shown below. The highlighted text indicates the merged fields inside the HelloSign template.

  6. Accepted Quote becomes a Subscription

    Finally, the Accepted quote is converted to a subscription in Chargebee.


  • This automation has only one standard template for the entire organization.
    Note: Individual salesperson templates are restricted.
  • This automation does not send a PDF version of the accepted quote.
  • It is presumed that with this automation the quote review has already occurred using Chargebee's powerful quote management application. If you would rather use that workflow, we recommend exploring GetAccept on our Marketplace.
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