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The navigation search feature helps you locate a feature if you don't know its exact navigation path. It displays the list of matching keywords if available on your Chargebee site. The search bar appears at the upper-left corner of your Chargebee site as shown below. The search options are not case-sensitive. Currently, the search results are appearing based on the page-based navigation approach.

The search returns navigation results for the following features on the Chargebee site.

  • Navigate to the Configure Chargebee, Settings, and internal pages.
  • Pages that are available on the Navigation bar.
  • Create actions like creating customers, subscriptions, product families, plans, addons, charges, coupons, and more.
  • API references .


Can I search for resources using resource attributes like email, name, and more?

Searching a resource using any of their resource handles is currently not supported in the Navigation Search feature. For example, searching for a customer by their email ID or name is currently not supported using the Navigation Search feature. Alternatively, you can use the search options available on the Customer screen to locate a customer using the name, company, customer ID, email ID, and more.

How can I find Price Overriding feature using the Navigation Search feature?

Currently, we do not support navigation to the Chargebee settings page. However, you can search for the module that has this feature. In this case, search using Billing LogIQ.

Can I request a specific feature be added to the Navigation search?

Yes, you can request a feature to be added to the Navigation Search using our Give feedback option.

Is there any keyboard shortcut to access the Navigation Search feature?

Mac users can use Cmd + K, and Windows users can use Ctrl + K on their keyboards.

What is the pattern-matching algorithm for search results?

The search follows Prefix Index Strategy wherein a search term is split by space (" "), and the items whose words start with split texts will return as the search result.

If the search term is custom, the search results are:

  • Customers
  • Create Customer
  • Customize Master Template
  • Custom fields
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