Stitch is an extensible, easy to use ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool that connects data from various sources (databases like MongoDB, MySQL or even SaaS tools like Salesforce and Zendesk) to warehouses and analytics tools like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake. You can consolidate data from more than 90 data sources into a central location using Stitch, conduct powerful analysis and extract useful insights for your business out of it.

Chargebee Stitch integration is powered by which is a framework built by Stitch for integrations. Using this integration, you can populate subscription data from Chargebee to any data warehouse with simple UI actions on the Stitch app, without writing code to pull data from Chargebee and push it to the data warehouse.


  1. You need to have an account with both Chargebee and Stitch.
  2. The integration replicates data using the Chargebee API. You need to generate Chargebee API key and keep it handy for the installation process. It is recommended that you generate an API key for Stitch with Read-only access, as against creating one with full access to create, edit and delete the data.
  3. Authentication: You need to provide your Chargebee domain name and Chargebee API key in Stitch to create an integration with Chargebee.

Sync Overview 

This integration is a one-way sync of your subscription data from Chargebee to any destination tool that you may choose via Stitch into which you want Chargebee data. Based on the replication frequency that you choose during the configuration in Stitch, the following objects from Chargebee will be synced to Stitch.

  • Plans
  • Addons
  • Coupons
  • Customers
  • Cards
  • Payment Sources
  • Virtual Bank Accounts
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Transactions
  • Orders
  • Gifts
  • Events
  • Promotional Credits

For more information on the list of attributes and other details, please refer to this Stitch documentation.

Got any specific data sync requests that the integration does not support currently? Please contact support  to place your request. We will prioritize it into our roadmap and make it available for you at the earliest.

Or even better, this is a community based integration. You can make changes to this Github repository yourself and create a pull request. Stitch will review the changes and make it available for you.


When a record gets deleted in Chargebee, a column named "deleted" will be populated with ‘true' during the data sync with Stitch.


Please refer to this Stitch documentation to learn how you can integrate Chargebee with Stitch.


  • Objects like Quotes, Unbilled charges, Addresses, Coupon sets are not currently synced from Chargebee to Stitch. This includes any new features that may get released in Chargebee post this integration; they will not be supported until the integration itself is updated.
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