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Advanced Search Options 

If you have a large number of subscriptions, customers, and products, you can use Chargebee's quick and advanced search options to find what you're looking for quickly and simply.

All of Chargebee's tabs in the web interface (that show up under the Navigator, including Subscriptions, Customers, Transactions, Credit notes and Events) are fully equipped with quick and advanced search options that can be customized to suit the need of the hour.

For a quick search of a page in one of Chargebee's tabs, you can use the search bar that appears at the top of the page, sorting results by arrangements that vary depending on the page you're searching in (the Subscriptions page, for example, allows you to sort search results by the following arrangements: Created At, Billing Name and Next Billing At).

A condition can be set for any search that you perform using the Search Bar. A condition sets the limits of your search - the more confined the limits, the faster the search. Commonly used conditions show up in a drop down menu above the search bar (and differ from page to page).

Here is a screenshot of the conditions that appear in the Customers page, for example:

For a more advanced search, you can add conditions of your own, by clicking on the Show Filter option at the top of the page. This option allows you to add any number of custom conditions to refine your search, so you can find exactly what you're looking for with the least amount of effort.

The advantage of constructing a custom search filter for your search is that you can apply conditions from any of the tabs in one search. The following image shows three conditions applied to the Subscriptions page - a customer condition (ID), a subscription condition (Plan) and a Card condition (Card Type).

Once the search filter is applied (by clicking the Apply Filter option), any results that appear will align with the conditions specified.

Save Search Filters 

If you would like to save a particular set of conditions (a search filter) to use again at a later time, click on the Save option that appears next to the Apply Filter option. The Save option allows you to name and store a filter for use at a later time.

Using a Saved Search Filter 

Once created, your saved search filter will show up in the drop down menu above the search bar the next time you want to take a look at the results of the custom search. In this sense, using custom search filters that you have previously saved works just like using the Quick Search option.

Access to Saved Search Filters 

Enable the Make this available for everyone option when naming your search filter to allow all the users of your Chargebee site access to the filter. Disabling this option ensure that only you (the creator of the search filter) has access to it at a later time.

Managing Saved Search Filters 

You can get a quick overview of the conditions that apply to a search (custom or otherwise) by clicking the Manage Filters option on the top of the page. The Manage Filters option allows a quick overview of the search filters in your site. It provides a bird's eye view of your search options and also allows you to modify who has access to a particular search filter, rename the search filter, and/or delete it.


I have entered a set of conditions for an advanced search into Chargebee. I don't see the option to save them. What's going on?

The option to save a search filter shows up only after you have clicked the Apply Filter option. This is to give you an opportunity to review the results of the advanced search before the filter is saved.

Is it possible to clone a saved search filter?

Yes, you can. If you would like to create a duplicate of a search filter, click on the Save As option in the Manage Filters page to create a clone of the search filter.

Can the results of an advanced search be exported?

Yes, they can. Click on the Export option under the search bar to export and download the list of results as a CSV file.

Can I save a search filter via the API?

Chargebee doesn't support saving a set of conditions for an advanced search (a search filter) via the API at this time.

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