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Moxtra  delivers an embeddable, multilayered cloud collaboration service that lets people work the way they want to – on the go or at their desks, in real-time or anytime. The Moxtra app, available on iOS, Android and the web, is an all-in-one collaboration workspace that provides conversations, content and meetings on demand.

Chargebee's integration with Moxtra lets you stay up to date with events that take place in Chargebee and create the notifications as actionables in your Moxtra binder.

Connecting Chargebee to your Moxtra account 

Follow these steps to add the Chargebee integration to your Moxtra account:

Step 1: Select "Integrations" from the left panel of your Moxtra account and from the list of apps, scroll down and select "Chargebee".


Step 2: Provide the integration specific information

  1. Select the Binder in which you would want to receive the notifications.

  2. Choose the action type - Chat, Todo or Page.


Setting up the Moxtra webhook in your Chargebee account 

Once the integration is done, you will now be able to see a Webhook URL, which is unique and specific to the integration.


Follow these steps to add the URL in your Chargebee account:

Step 1: Copy the Webhook URL highlighted in the picture above.

Step 2: In your Chargebee account, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Webhooks and click Add new Webhook.

Step 3: Enter the copied URL in the Webhook URL field as shown:


How does the integration work? 

After connecting your Moxtra account to Chargebee, you will receive notifications for each event that occurs in Chargebee. Here's a list of all the event types.

Depending on the Action Type that you've chosen, the event notification will show up either as a

1) To-Do task


2) Page


3) or as part of "Chat" as shown:


The notification contains the event specific information such as Customer Name, Transaction Amount, etc.

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