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In addition to the Sales, Marketing, Helpdesk, Collaboration and Analytics integrations, Chargebee also inegrates with a wide range of popular tools such as Shopify, Wordpress, Softrax etc.

  • Shipstation: Chargebee's ShipStation integration automatically moves new orders created in Chargebee into ShipStation and performs a two-way sync for such orders between the platforms. So while Chargebee takes care of billing your customers, their shippable orders are easily communicated to ShipStation for fulfillment. Learn more.

  • Shopify: Chargebee integrates with Shopify to help you manage your physical goods' subscriptions, fulfilment and billing with ease.
    Your customers can make a purchase and orders will be created and notified to Shopify. If you are using Shopify already, you need not create orders in Shopify manually, Chargebee will create orders on a recurring basis. Learn more

  • Wordpress: With Chargebee's plugin for Wordpress, you can implement a paywall on your site and charge users on a subscription basis. It allows you to restrict content based on the subscription on which your customers have signed up. Learn more.

  • PieSync  syncs contact information between cloud apps. It integrates Chargebee with other apps for a two-way Contacts sync. Every time you add or update a contact in Chargebee, it will automatically be synced with the other app and vice versa. Learn more .

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