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Chargebee Retention experiences consist of five sections, each of which can be customized by adding additional CSS in the branding manager.

Customizations live at the Application Level within your company, and apply to all Chargebee Retention Experiences contained within the Application. The Branding Manager, which is Chargebee Retention's WISYWIG editor, includes tools and settings that are organized within the below sections:

You may further style your page using CSS, which is injected by using the Global CSS tool. The following sections describe the elements and attributes for which additional styling can be inserted or overridden via CSS.

**Header styling variances when using the logo position and header selector in the branding manager:

The .container class is not included in the header if the full width header is selected. Justify-content: space-around; is enabled when logo position center is selected. When logo position left is selected the element takes on the attribute justify-content: space-between;

When the fixed header is selected in the branding manager the logo element of your page is nested within .container and includes a

element that can be targeted for additional styling.

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