Managing your Chargebee Retention Plan and Usage Limits 

The Account tab in the Chargebee Retention Settings allows you to purchase, manage and change your Chargebee Retention plan. This tab has three different views, Plan, Invoices, and Billing.


If you first purchased with Chargebee Retention prior to 1/1/2021, you may be on a legacy plan and have access to the Account tab. Please contact your TAM or to discuss migrating to one of our existing plans.


The Plan tab is where you go to purchase your subscription initially, and adjust your usage limit or change your plan. Trial customers who have not purchased a plan yet will be presented with the Choose plan selector when they first visit the Account Page.

Once you have purchased a plan, you will see the full Plan tab which tracks your session utilization and allows you to manage the plan from there.

Chargebee Retention has a usage-based pricing model, with Retention Workflow Session fees if you go over your session allotment in a given month. Session usage is tracked on a 30-day basis based on your subscription start date.

Each 30 day period we will calculate your usage and will charge you a per session fee if you are over your current allotment. Don't worry however, if you are over your current allotment of sessions, it is easy to upgrade to lock in a lower per-session rate by selecting "Adjust limit".

Chargebee Retention's plan changes will take effect immediately if you are upgrading your plan (ex: Essentials to Performance) or if you are increasing your session limit for a given period. This allows you to lock in a lower per-session rate in the middle of a 30 day usage period. If you would like to downgrade your plan or session limit, these changes will take effect at the end of the current billing term.

For more information on our session fee model, visit Retention Workflow Session Fees in Brigthback.

If you would like to upgrade your plan, you can select the Change plan button. Right now you will need to schedule a demo or contact to purchase our Performance plan.


The Invoices tab tracks your Chargebee Retention Invoice history. You will see two different types of invoices in Chargebee Retention, Subscription Invoices and Extended Session invoices. Subscription invoices are for your base plan each billing period, and Extended Session Invoices are for any charges beyond your monthly session limit.

You can view the invoice details and download it directly or a receipt by clicking on the Invoice link here.


The Billing Tab displays the key details about your plan, and allows you to change your payment method. We currently support credit card payments only via self-service but will be adding additional methods shortly. If you need an alternate payment method, please contact

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