FAQs for Classic Reports Sunset 

Chargebee has decided to sunset (discontinue) the Classic Reports in Chargebee Billing. If you are an existing RevenueStory user, you can get access to Reports Explorer in RevenueStory for no additional cost. RevenueStory is our advanced integrated analytics with all the reports you've been using so far. Read further to get all your questions answered.

1. What reports are affected by this change? What's the alternate way forward? 

All reports in Classic Reports will be sunset (discontinued) by April 15, 2024. But don't worry. In the future, you can use the Reports Explorer in RevenueStory, Chargebee's advanced integrated analytics, to access the equivalents of the reports you already use in Classic Reports.

2. When will this change come into effect?  

The reports will be gradually sunsetted starting April 15, 2024. When you try to access a Classic Report after that, you will be redirected to the equivalent version in RevenueStory, so you don't have to search and locate it manually.

3. Why are the Classic Reports being removed now? What are the benefits of using RevenueStory over Classic Reports? 

RevenueStory is Chargebee's most advanced reporting & analytics solution. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Get access to 150+ out-of-the-box subscription metrics and reports, spanning your customers' subscription lifecycle — from acquisition and renewals to receivables and churn. This includes all the reports you have been using in Classic Reports.
  2. Access historical data up to the last 5 years
  3. Navigate across reports and get instant access to the information you want with Reports Explorer
  4. Go deeper into each report with basic and advanced filters based on customer, subscription, and other attributes, including custom fields.
  5. Present your findings and insights better with multiple visualization options, including bar, line, pie charts, pivot tables, and more.
  6. Add your go-to reports to a dashboard so it's easy for you to monitor business trends in one place

4. Will all the reports in Classic be available in RevenueStory? 

The following lists the RevenueStory equivalent for each report in Classic Reports and the descoped reports.

Classic Report

Equivalent Reports

Subscription Summary - Revenue

Total Payments

Subscription Summary - Signups

Total Signups

Subscription Summary - Activations

Total Activations

Subscription Summary - Cancelled Subscriptions

Total Subscription Churn

Subscription Summary - Failed Transactions

Total Failed Payment Transactions

Total Failed Refund Transactions

Monthly report card for plans

Total Billing By Plan

Subscription Count

Total Subscriptions

Refund Summary

Total Refunds


Average Revenue Paid per Subscription

Revenue Recognition

Recognized Revenue (available in Chargebee RevRec)

Deferred Revenue

Deferred Revenue

(available in Chargebee RevRec)

Renewal Summary

Total Upcoming Renewal Amount(for future data)

Total Billing (for past data)

A / R Aging

A/R aging tiles/buckets
A/R aging details



Receivables Aging Summary

Receivables Aging Summary by Customers

Tax Summary

Total Tax By Jurisdiction
Total Tax By Tax Rate
Total Tax By Tax Name

Tax Summary

Tax Summary by Jurisdiction

Tax Summary by Tax Name

Transaction Summary

Transaction break down


Transaction breakdown by card type

Payment Transaction Summary

Refund Transaction Summary

Refund Transaction Summary by Card Type

Payment Transaction Summary by Card Type

Payment Error Summary by Card Type

Refund Error Summary by Card Type

Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption Summary

Monthly report card for addons

Total Billing by Recurring addon

Total Billing by non-recurring addon

Transaction Trend

Total payment transactions

Total refund transactions

Three reports are descoped - Lost Opportunities, Abandoned Carts, and Recovered Carts.

5. Due to this update, will there be any changes to my subscription or pricing? 

If you are an existing Revenue Story user, you will be able to access Reports Explorer and all the enhancements free of cost.

6. I like the classic version of a specific report. Can I continue to use that report in the classic mode? 

No. Classic Reports will be disabled for all reports at the same time. But feel free to share your feedback with Chargebee support. We'd love to understand your experience and see how we can offer that through RevenueStory.

7. Will my reporting data be affected by the switch to RevenueStory reporting? 

No, your data will remain as-is.

8. Can I still access historical data using RevenueStory reporting? 

Yes. You can access it up to the last five years and the future for reports such as Upcoming Renewal Amount.

9. Are any resources available to help me better use Reports Explorer in RevenueStory? 

Yes. Please refer to the Reports Explorer documentation.

10. Will there be any downtime or interruptions during the change? 

No. We are here to ensure no disruption to your experience because of this change.

11. Will there be any changes to the format or layout of my reports with the switch to RevenueStory reporting? 

Yes. In Classic Reports, the data is visualized as a tabular view. In RevenueStory, you will have many more visualization options (in addition to the tabular view) and can decide which one to use.

12. Who can I contact if I have additional questions or concerns about this update? 

Please reach out to support if you have any questions or concerns. Our team is here to assist you.

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