Email Notifications v1 (Deprecated) 


Users who signed up for Chargebee after Sept 25, 2017 will have Email Notifications enabled by default.

Chargebee can automatically send email notifications on your behalf to your customers for a number of events such as credit card expiration or a payment failure. You can configure the email notification settings under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications in your Chargebee site.


Gmail will implement their DMARC policy in June, 2016. This means that emails triggered from any server other than Gmail servers will be ignored. That is, your customers will not be able receive any email sent via servers that are not Gmail servers. Learn more.


Here you can configure the sender's name, email address, subject prefix (if any), and BCC.

The sender's name and address can be configured at a global level under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Settings or separately for specific email notifications.

If you have customized any email notifications, you will need to update the "From" details for those notifications individually by editing those templates.

This is because updating the configuration only under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Settings will not update the sender's details for notifications that have been customized.

Notify new revenue to - Configuring an email address here will send the recipient the first invoice that is generated for each subscription. This email's subject line will have the prefix "[First Invoice]" in it. This email receipt will be sent to the recipient even if the Invoice Receipt email notification is turned off.

Enable Email Notifications 

Configure the header, footer as well as enable the events that need to automatically notify your customers.

By default, all the notification events are disabled. You can enable the ones you need and also customize the templates.

Customer Portal Notifications 

If you've enabled the customer portal, these email notifications are automatically sent to your customers. These notifications cannot be turned off because they are required by your customers, but you can customize the templates.

Email notifications are automatically sent out to your customers when they:

  • Request for the sign up email
  • Use the Forgot Password option
  • Change their customer portal account password
  • Get locked out of their account due to numerous failed login attempts

An email is also sent to your customer, with a verification link, when you change their email address from your end.

Customizing Email Templates 

You can easily customize the email templates by adding your content as well as using the mail merge fields that are available at the bottom. Simply copy and paste the fields and the data will be automatically populated when the email is sent out.

The templates can either be in plain text or in HTML format. If you need to enable HTML, simply click the HTML tab, and click Enable. Images can be uploaded and saved on your account, and can be used for any of the email templates that you compose. You can disable HTML at any time.

  • The HTML mode needs to be enabled for each email template individually. Enabling/Disabling an email template only affects the template that you currently have open.
  • Chargebee supports only inline CSS styles.

Update Template is used to save the current changes you've made on the template.

Reset Template is used to undo the changes that you just made and goes back to the last changes that you saved on this template.

Restore Default is used to bring back the default system template.

Preview will show you how your email will look.

Disable HTML is used to disable HTML format for the particular template that you are currently working on.

Chargebee's reminder emails (like the two Subscription Ending and Trial Ending reminders) come with two additional Send Reminder fields:

  • Send Reminder (days): The first allows you to customize how many days prior to the renewal you would like to send the email.

  • Send Reminder (billing period): The second allows you to choose the billing period(s) (such as annual, quarterly and so on) for which you would like to send reminders for. Once a billing period is set, only customers with subscriptions that fit into it will receive the email reminder in question. This setting affords some flexibility when it comes to reminders; after all, a monthly billing period might not require a reminder email in the way that a yearly billing period might.

Mail Merge Fields 

There are several fields that you can choose from for customizing your email template. Adding these fields will automatically fill in the data corresponding to that field.


If you want to automatically fill in the customer's first name (say, Johnny) in the subject line of a template, then you would simply copy the corresponding field from the list of mail merge fields and paste it in the subject line as follows:

Welcome, {{customer.first_name}}!

The subject line of the email sent to the customer would read:

"Welcome, Johnny!"


Only fields relevant to the particular event will be displayed. If you try to copy a field from another event's template and use it for an event that does not include that field, it will not display the data at all.

See also

Mail Merge Usage for more information.

Notifying 3DS Payment Failures 

If your business is based out of Europe or has a significant customer base in the EEA , it is recommended that you authenticate payments via 3D Secure. This is to ensure that you are SCA compliant and in line with the PSD2 regulation. To be compliant, complete Chargebee's SCA checklist.

Since 3DS failures are hard card declines and require customer intervention, it is necessary to inform customers of the failure so they could come online and take action. You can configure the email templates under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email notifications > Dunning for online payments.

Make sure you embed the following mail merge fields, to acknowledge the customer of a 3DS failure along with the "Pay Now" option.

{{customer.collect_unpaid_invoices_url}} - Pay Now for unpaid invoices

{{transaction.payment_failure_reason}} - Failure reason

SMTP Settings 

Email notifications can be sent out to your customers using either Chargebee's SMTP server or your own SMTP server.

To know more, visit Chargebee's SMTP Configuration page.

Email Logs 

When email notifications are sent out to your customers, they are archived in Chargebee for future reference. You can view all the emails sent out to your customers by going to Logs > Email Logs.

You can search for emails using keywords and filters and also view and resend these emails.

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