Manage Account Fields 


Account fields are the fields available in Customer Entity, such as:

  • Customer ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone

Put together, they contain basic information about the customer.

With Chargebee, you could add Custom Fields to the existing Account Fields.
However, creating custom fields are not enough. You will have to give them a logical order and group them to make more sense.

Grouping Account Fields 

Say, you added a few Custom fields to capture additional information such as Middle Name, Gender, Age, personal website along with the details of a Nominee.

Before Grouping:

This is how the fields will look like without grouping while adding a new Customer:

And this is how the fields will reflect in the Customer Details page:

Grouping will help you bundle the information as well as reorder them in a logical sequence.

After Grouping:

Once the grouping is done for the fields, this is how it will look like while adding a new customer:

And this is how the Customer Details page will look like:

To group the fields contact support 


  • What would happen to the fields that were left empty while filling the 'New Customer' page?
    The empty fields will appear on the 'Customer Details' page and they can be filled in later.
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