PandaDoc  enables your fast-moving teams with a simple, sophisticated and all-in-one solution to efficiently manage document creation, editing, and e-signing.

Chargebee supports the following features in this integration:

  • You can configure a contract template in PandaDoc with all the specifics of fields and blocks, where you want the customer to sign.
  • Map the fields from Chargebee's quote to the fields in the PandaDoc template, so that, each time you send out Chargebee's quote as a contract in PandaDoc, the fields automatically get pre-filled along with the sender's signature.
  • Send the Chargebee quote as a contract via PandaDoc.
  • PandaDoc automatically follows up until the customer e-signs the contract.
  • Set actions on Chargebee to change the quote's status to 'Accepted' or automatically 'Create a Subscription' with Auto Collection OFF.


Following pre-requisites must be met in able to proceed with the integration.

Integration setup 

  • To integrate PandaDoc with Chargebee, install the PandaDoc app from Chargebee's App Marketplace .
  • You can either connect to an existing PandaDoc account or sign-up for a new account to complete the integration with Chargebee.

Follow these steps to complete the integration:

  1. Install the PandaDoc app.
    When you click 'Install', PandaDoc's Oauth gets triggered and redirects you to the PandaDoc's authentication page. After successful authentication, it redirects you back to Chargebee's integration steps.

  2. Sign up on PandaDoc .

Setting up the integration for your individual sales teams 

When you have multiple sales executives sending out documents to your prospects, each of the individual sales users who have access to Chargebee with the role of ‘Sales Manager', will be able to set up the integration with their custom configurations.

To enable PandaDoc on their individual Chargebee accounts, they will have to follow the steps mentioned above to set up an integration instance of their own to send Chargebee Quotes via PandaDoc.

Configurations for PandaDoc 

Follow the steps below to configure the required setup in Chargebee:

  1. As a user, you can configure how the quote format needs to be sent to the customer. In the document preferences step, you have the following options:

    1. Choose a template from PandaDoc.
    2. Enable the toggle button to attach the Chargebee quote to the PandaDoc template.
      1. Choose the quote type you like to send. It can be either consolidated or Detailed. A detailed quote has information about each billing term while a consolidated quote provides overall information about the entire subscription term.
      2. Click Proceed to save all the selected configurations in Chargebee.
  2. Configure sync rules
    As a user, you can configure to specify what happens when a quote is signed by the end customer. In the configure sync rules step, you have the below options:

    1. Configure the action to follow when a PandaDoc document is signed.
      • Mark quote as accepted - Changes the quote status to Accepted in Chargebee. You can then manually convert the quote into a subscription or charge the customer.
      • Mark quote and create subscription - Change quote status to Accepted and create a subscription for that quote. Auto-collection is set to OFF by default, you can navigate to the customer profile in Chargebee to change it.
    2. Click Proceed to save all the selected configurations in Chargebee.

Sending Quotes for E-signature 

Follow these steps to send quotes via PandaDoc:

  1. Navigate to Quotes> quote details page, where the quote is in an open state.

  2. Click Send via PandaDoc to send the quote to be e-signed. Once you click, Send via PandaDoc, the quote details will be pre-filled with configurations set earlier.

  3. Click Proceed to send your quote via PandaDoc.

Once the Chargebee Quote is sent via PandaDoc, a contract document is created in PandaDoc from the selected PandaDoc template with the fields mapped from the Chargebee Quote. You can also pass additional fields to the recipient by creating a merge field to the Pandadoc template.

Upon creating a contract document on PandaDoc, the contract is sent to the recipient's email address. When the recipient opens the contract and signs the document the automation workflow is triggered in Chargebee, depending on the configuration selected while configuring sync rules. If there is more than one role associated with the selected PandaDoc template, the second signatory receives an email based on the approval workflows defined on the PandaDoc template.

Mapping Chargebee fields to PandaDoc template 

Chargebee fields can be passed into the PandaDoc document by using the custom variables  in PandaDoc.

To create your own variables in PandaDoc, follow these steps:

  1. Open your PandaDoc Template .
  2. Drag and drop a content block .
  3. Type a custom name of the variable in square brackets. Example:[Client.Address]

The table below has the list of fields that can be from Chargebee to your PandaDoc document.

If you want to show the field, total payable amount with currency, you will need to mention this as,


Chargebee field

ID of the Chargebee quote

Quotes ID

Name of the Chargebee quote

PO Number


Pricing type used 


Quote validity


Date of quote creation

Total payable amount


Charge amount (in cents) to be paid on accepting the quote


Subtotal (in cents) of the first quote line group.


Total (in cents) of the first quote line group.

Credits applied (in cents) for the first quote line group.


Existing outstanding payments (in cents) if any, applied to the first quote line group.


Amount due (in cents) for the first quote line group.


Currency code of the currency in quote


Billing address First name


Billing address last name


Billing address Email

Billing address Company name

Billing address Phone number

Billing address Address line 1


Billing address Address line 2


Billing address Address line 3


Billing address City

Billing address State code


Billing address State


Billing address Country

Billing address Zip code

Shipping address First name


Shipping address last name


Shipping address Email

Shipping address Company name

Shipping address Phone number

Shipping address Address line 1


Shipping address Address line 2


Shipping address Address line 3


Shipping address City

Shipping address State code


Shipping address State


Shipping address Country

Shipping address Zip code

View documents sent via PandaDoc 

Upon sending the quote via PandaDoc, when you view the quotes page, you will be able to see the following document details against the Chargebee quote:

  • Sent via PandaDoc.
  • Sent on.
  • Sent by.
  • Link to the document on PandaDoc (which when clicked redirects to the document in PandaDoc).
  • Document status.
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