Supported Locales 

Chargebee supports locales across the following languages in multiple regions around the world:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Here is the complete list of supported locales, accompanied by their unique input values if you would like to pass a customer's locale to Chargebee via the API  .

Input Value Locale
en English
en-AU English (Australia)
en-CA English (Canada)
en-IN English (India)
en-IE English (Ireland)
en-MT English (Malta)
en-NZ English (New Zealand)
en-PH English (Philippines)
en-SG English (Singapore)
en-ZA English (South Africa)
en-GB English (United Kingdom)
en-US English (United States)
fr French
fr-BE French (Belgium)
fr-CA French (Canada)
fr-FR French (France)
fr-LU French (Luxembourg)
fr-CH French (Switzerland)
de German
de-AT German (Austria)
de-DE German (Germany)
de-GR German (Greece)
de-LU German (Luxembourg)
de-CH German (Switzerland)
it Italian
it-IT Italian (Italy)
it-CH Italian (Switzerland)
pt Portuguese
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
es Spanish
es-AR Spanish (Argentina)
es-BO Spanish (Bolivia)
es-CL Spanish (Chile)
es-CO Spanish (Colombia)
es-CR Spanish (Costa Rica)
es-CU Spanish (Cuba)
es-DO Spanish (Dominican Republic)
es-EC Spanish (Ecuador)
es-SV Spanish (El Salvador)
es-GT Spanish (Guatemala)
es-HN Spanish (Honduras)
es-MX Spanish (Mexico)
es-NI Spanish (Nicaragua)
es-PA Spanish (Panama)
es-PY Spanish (Paraguay)
es-PE Spanish (Peru)
es-PR Spanish (Puerto Rico)
es-ES Spanish (Spain)
es-US Spanish (United States)
es-UY Spanish (Uruguay)
es-VE Spanish (Venezuela)
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