Display Revenue in Reports 

Many of our customers want to display revenue along with customer totals in their Chargebee Retention Dashboard and reports. Now regardless of whether or not you have integrated billing, you can map a # field value into the Revenue configuration in your Settings page. So long as that field is consistently passed via the Chargebee Retention.JS or one of our Enrichment Integrations, your reports will display Revenue values.

For customers who are integrated with Stripe or Recurly, we have the ability to pull Revenue back via our attribution integration and display the actual values that are on the Subscription record. We have two options in this case, display the Chargebee Retention MRR or the full Subscription Value. If you are not integrated with Stripe or Recurly, you can provide a numeric field that we will use to populate the Revenue values. To get started, navigate to Settings > Setup > Revenue in Reports.

You will see the option to choose a customer field or billing as the source. If you choose Customer field you will get a dropdown with all the # field values you have mapped in Chargebee Retention Field Mappings.

Once you have saved, we will queue up an update to your in-app reports that will refresh once the Revenue field is ready to be displayed.

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