Setting up multiple apps (Enterprise Plan) 

Chargebee Retention's Enterprise Plan includes support for multiple Chargebee Retention Apps. There are no limits to how many Apps can be included, but there is additional pricing per app (see below).

What is a Chargebee Retention App 

A Chargebee Retention App is a sub-account within your Organization, and sits within the Chargebee Retention structure as follows:

  • Organization > App > Experience (where an Experience contains a cancel page, alerts, workflows)

An App contains a customer facing identity (e.g. Experiences & cancel pages), self-contained dashboards and metrics, isolated customer records and sessions, and tailored alerts (e.g. Slack, email). Chargebee Retention account admins can easily navigate between apps using the switcher in the lower left of the screen.

Why Would I Need Multiple Chargebee Retention Apps? 

Setting up multiple Apps helps improve save performance, data quality, and/or supports a multi-account organization structure, by allowing for differentiated branding, testing models, workflows, and isolated customer data. Typical scenarios that justify setting up a new app, rather than adding additional experiences within an app, include:

  • Tailoring for different lifecycle phases or use cases (e.g. cancellations, downgrades, free trials), where cancel, deflection, and save data have different business values and context
  • Managing separate business units, complete with individual account owners, reporting, and integrations and alerts
  • Customizing for different products or brands, each of which unique branding requirements
  • consultants or agencies managing multiple clients, each with unique experiences or branding
  • For different types of subscriptions or delivery platforms, for example print vs. digital, or one-time purchases (vs. recurring subscriptions)

What features are available at the App vs. the Organization level? 

The Organization includes 

  • Global administration and management of a shared set of users
  • Ability to navigate between multiple Apps
  • Integrations and authorization to third-party integrations (e.g. Salesforce, Slack, Segment, Stripe, Recurly, and more)
  • A Chargebee Retention master subscription

An App includes 

  • Dashboard
  • Session, cancel, and save data
  • App-level branding that spans all experiences
  • Data export integration with Segment
  • Customizable Slack alerts

Are multiple apps available in my plan? 

Multiple Chargebee Retention Apps are available for Performance and Enterprise plans, with support for up to three (3) Apps on the Performance plan, and unlimited apps on the Enterprise plan. You must be an administrator to add and manage Apps.

How much do multiple apps cost? 

Your Chargebee Retention plan has one App by default, which was created when you set up your Chargebee Retention plan. Each additional App incurs a fixed fee that is applied pro-rata to your base subscription at the time that you decide to purchase it. The combined session count across all apps count against the global session limit of your Chargebee Retention Performance or Enterprise plan.


A developer (sandbox) app is available for no additional fee.

How do I start? 

For pricing information or to set up a new App, contact us or your account manager to review your needs and get a quote.

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