For early stage businesses that are looking for billing essentials to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • 200 INVOICES
  • Overage: 50¢/Invoice

  • Multiple Products/Sites
  • Unlimited Free Trials
  • 3 Team Users
  • A/R Aging
  • Tax Reports
  • 1 CC Payment Gateway, PayPal, ACH
  • Email Notifications
  • Dunning for Automatic Payments
  • Hosted Payment Pages
  • Calendar Billing
  • Single tax profile - Single country/tax region
  • Custom Fields
  • Multiple Webhooks
  • Basic SaaS Metrics
  • Account Summary Report
  • Multiple Currency Support - 3 currencies (Manual Exchange Rate)
  • Email, Chat, Callback & Phone Support
For growing businesses that are looking to scale with more users, more payment gateways and deeper analytics.
  • 200 INVOICES
  • Overage: 50¢/Invoice

  • Everything in Standard
  • 25 Team Users
  • Unlimited Payment Gateways
  • Single tax profile - Multiple countries/tax regions
  • Comprehensive SaaS Metrics
  • ReferralCandy Integration
  • Salesforce Plugin - 2 Users
  • Avalara - Tax Integration
  • Xero & QuickBooks Integration
  • Reconciliation
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • File Attachments
  • Custom Domain for Hosted Pages
  • Abandoned cart tracking via API
  • Multiple Currency Support - Unlimited (Auto Exchange Rate)
  • Internationalization - Multi-language
For businesses that are seeking world domination and need a partner to closely work with them, at various levels.
  • Everything in Pro
  • Advance Invoices
  • Unlimited Team Users
  • Customized User Roles
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Multiple tax profiles - Multiple countries/tax regions
  • SLA Based Support
  • Freshdesk/Zendesk/Groove Integration
  • Revenue Recognition Report
  • Abandoned Cart Reports
  • Email Notifications - Segmentation
  • Engineering Consultation
  • PCI Certification Assistance
  • Special Infrastructure Support

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Here's a Detailed Pricing Comparison List

Estimated Monthly Cost for using Chargebee
Number of customers
ARPU Average Revenue per month
Recommended Plan
Launch Plan
Monthly Estimate


Dunning for Automatic Payments, Transactional Email Templates, Hosted Payment Pages, Customer Portal, Taxes (Global Tax & EU VAT), Basic SaaS Metrics, Transactional Error Monitoring
Credit Notes, Invoice based Payments (Offline Payments), Custom Fields,
 Metafield JSON store, Multiple Webhooks, Multiple Currency Support, Unbilled Charges
Payment Methods
Cards, Pay with PayPal, Pay with Amazon, Authorize.Net ACH, Stripe ACH, Invoice Payments, Direct debit with GoCardless
Stripe Radar, MailChimp, Zapier, Refersion, Google Analytics, ChartMogul, LeadDyno

FAQs. Answered.

Is your pricing model based on transactions?
Nope. Our pricing is based on the number of invoices generated during the billing cycle. There's nothing else to pay. No percentages.
 No extra costs.
What is an invoice?
A document issued by you to your customer, with details of what they've purchased, using Chargebee, is considered as an invoice.

Now, a number of transactions could be associated with an invoice, but that won't affect your charges. We will bill you solely based on the number of invoices generated, and nothing else.

Note: You won't be charged for zero-dollar invoices, and all invoices carrying anything above $0 are billable, regardless of their paid/unpaid status.
How do the overage charges work?
First, you’ll incur overage charges for extra invoices based on the plan that you’re on. And when the overage charges exceed a certain threshold, and moving to the next plan will cost you less, you’ll be switched to the next plan automatically.

Will I have to pay separately for multiple sites with Chargebee?
We do not charge extra for the additional sites you create, and the charges will only be based on the total number of invoices generated across all your sites.
Do I get a sandbox (test environment)?
Absolutely. We provide a free TEST environment with every domain signed-up with us. You may use it to explore, develop & test before you go LIVE.
Are there any cancellation charges?
No, we do not have cancellation charges. And there are no data lock-ins. You are free to cancel your account anytime.