Your groundwork for conquering the European subscription market

Scale across Europe with EU VAT management, multi-currency support, language localization, and compliance with a plethora of rules and security norms including GDPR.

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Create localized experiences for your customers with multi-language support

Communicate with your customers in their preferred language everywhere – from transactional documents like invoices, on checkout pages, or on the self-serve portal. Going global is easier with Chargebee with its out-the-box support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and 25 other languages.

Improve payment experience by ironing out all conversion hassles

As a business catering to different geographies, your customers prefer paying via different payment methods like wire transfer, local e-wallets, direct debit, or local credit cards. With support for multiple payment methods and 100+ currencies, you can bring to your business a local financial representation, that allows for transfers across borders far easier.

Discover how Chargebee can support your unique subscription workflows.

Deliver the most secure subscription experience

Scaling to Europe means compliance with GDPR and EU privacy laws with regard to how you handle your customer data. With data centers in Europe and a strict adherence to EU and global laws in the access, portability, rectification, and erasure of personal data – Chargebee delivers on the GDPR promise so you can confidently keep up your security and compliance guarantees.

Be attuned to the changing legal and compliance landscape

When you are based in or selling in Europe, local tax and invoicing rules are non negotiable. Address complexities that come along with handling tax rules with ease by not only accurately calculating EU-VAT, but also saving on paying VAT on invoices that aren’t paid for yet by following up on late payments. Chargebee’s native integration with Quickbooks also makes specific regional e-invoicing formats like Italy’s FatturaPA a walk in the park.

Build an Amazing Subscription Experience

Global Compliance
Integrated sub-ledger for all your revenue streams that is configurable for your IFRS-15, GAAP, or ASC-606 policies.

Super-fast API
Easy to setup API to integrate extremely fast with your existing code source. Get up and running even sooner with a quick and responsive support team.

Supports several secure payment processors
Streamline subscription management by easily integrating with multiple secure payment gateways and sync your revenue data with integrations built for your favorite platforms.

Analytics with Powerful RevOps Engine
An array of 150+ SaaS metrics and alerts including for MRR, Churn, CAC:LTV, and Quick Ratio.

Antoine Louiset
Co-founder and CTO, Yousign
It is a long road to dominating the entire European union but Chargebee has already done the groundwork. When we make a strategic decision to move into a new region, there is nothing that can delay our expansion.
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