Retain more customers with Chargebee Retention

Increase customer lifetime value with new level of insight into why customers are canceling and a clear path on how to improve.

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How Chargebee Retention works

Retain customers with a high performing cancel experience.

Personalized cancel experience
Personalized cancel experience
The cancel button redirects customers to a cancel experience powered by Chargebee Retention, with personalized details designed to win them back.
Targeting and audiences
Targeting and audiences
Dynamic offers are presented to customers based on targeting parameters
Automated workflows
Automated workflows
Automated workflows engage customers and track activity across channels and tools
Retention insights
Retention insights
Collect insights in simple dashboards that help you take action and retain more customers

Setup, launch and get results on retention experiments within minutes


Customer LTV: Target customers with personalized offers by segment, LTV, tenure, usage and more.


Win in Winback: Run hundreds - even thousands - of tests daily to find which offers move the needle.


The right customers: Maximize your efforts on high-value accounts with automated customer profiling.


We work with your tech stack: billing, engagement and customer tools, so customers don’t fall through the cracks.

Customers are canceling.
Save up to 40%.

With Chargebee Retention you can address customer concerns before your customers cancel with an automated, scalable, and personalized experience.


A cancel experience that lives up to your brand

Chargebee Retention is all about revolutionizing the customer cancel journey. Move away from generic cancel pages to intelligent cancel experiences that can grasp customer intrigue with personalized design, messaging, offers, and surveys. All this while also providing relevant data on how your customers interact with the hosted cancel experiences. Your retention will never be the same.


Clear Cancellation Insights

With Chargebee Retention, your cancel process becomes a dynamic funnel that can be optimized for retention and saved revenue. Chargebee Retention tracks three outcomes for customers: canceled, deflected, watch list and saved. Monitor your save performance over time and understand the state of your customer retention in easy-to-digest reports.

Testing and Targeting

Take the guessing out of your cancel flow

Harness the power of data science, and continuously evaluate your retention strategy. Present different experiences to customers based on multiple attributes. Chargebee Retention allows you to run randomized, rules-based, or ML-based (Smart Targeting) tests, so your experimentation isn’t restricted.

Give it a whirl! 30-day free trial to get a taste of Chargebee Retention

Experience Manager

Customizable to match your brand

You have full control over your cancel page. Edit branding, fonts, copy, imagery in an easy-to-use web UI.


Grasp the impact of your retention experiments

Learn why customers cancel and design for customer win-back. Use offer performance across categories to improve and retain upstream. Validate save and deflection performance and assess impact on revenue instantly by integrating billing platforms like Chargebee, Recurly, Stripe, and more. Go even further with Retained Revenue Reporting and discover the true value of a saved customer.


Trigger real-time retention workflows and alerts across your tech stack

Leverage Chargebee Retention as your source of truth for customer churn and retention performance. Send Slack or email alerts when customers cancel to win them back, or accept trigger save intervention workflows or subscription updates when they accept offers. Store complete data histories in your warehouse or product analytics using Chargebee Retention’s webhooks or Segment integration to pass event data in real-time.

Ready to take control of customer churn?

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