The relationship between
your business and your customer
is no longer transactional

It is continuous. This makes the relationship a constant work-in-progress.

This continuous relationship is built with your core offering - product or service - as the foundation of your business. But there are additional components that are critical - like billing. That’s where we come in.

Making Revenue Management

At Chargebee, we deeply understand subscriptions, compliance, security and payments. We bring simplicity to a complex, everyday, problem.

Like any clan, tribe or team,we have a unique set of qualities that describe us:

Curiosity is, quite simply, the desire to know more. It keeps us on our toes, making us open unknown doors and leading us down new paths.
Bias for Action
Bias for action looks like motion and speed. Not just in doing, but in making and communicating decisions.
Empathy is the awareness of another person’s situation from their point of view, and the capacity to feel and share their emotions.
Customer Centricity
Customer centricity is prioritising the needs of our customers, over simply selling our products or expanding our market share.

Serving 15000+ customers in 50+ countries. Powered by 450+ revenue experts. Backed by 4 amazing Investors

Founders: Rajaraman, Thiyagu, Saravanan KP(CTO),
Krish Subramaniam (CEO)

Our Story

Four friends - Rajaraman, KPS, Krish, and Thiyagu - started Chargebee in a room in Rajaraman's apartment in Chennai, India in June 2011. The goal was to build a company together.

They took a while, but finally found their calling in subscription management. By January 2013, the first customers had started using the Chargebee billing platform.

Today, we are a global team of truth-seeking problem-solvers. We’re fearless idealists who believe that we can change the world. Read more about who-we-are and why-subscriptions on our careers page.

We received investment from Accel in January 2014. Tiger backed us in March 2015. 2017 was a year of incredible growth for Chargebee - we crossed 5000 customers in June. In March 2018, Insight Partners invested in us. Since then, we more than doubled our revenue and headcount in 2019. In August 2019, Steadview Capital came on board with our Series D funding

US Office

Chargebee Inc.
340 S Lemon Ave #1537,
Walnut, CA, 91789, USA.

Netherlands Office

3rd Floor, Singel 542,
1017 AZ Amsterdam

India Office

Unit No.301, 3rd Floor,
Indiqube Brigade Vantage,
Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kandanchavadi,
Chennai, TN, 600096, India