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Short Course on Fundamentals of Churn
In this 20-minute short course, familiarise yourself with the causes of churn, types of churn and best practices to analyse and counter it. Deep dive into measuring and managing all types of churn.
3 Lessons
Saas Pricing Masterclass
Get all your pricing hacks right in this 25-minute Masterclass.
3 Lessons
Kyle Poyar
Operating Partner, OpenView
Certified Expert in SaaS Analytics
Master all SaaS metrics applicable to your business stage and business objectives.
3 Lessons
Become a Certified Subscription Manager
Learn the ropes of setting up and scaling a subscription-based model. How to price a subscription-based product, how to acquire customers - find answers to all this and more in this course.
3 Lessons
Certified Expert in BillingOps (Advanced)
A follow up to the beginner certification, in this advanced certification, learn all about payment scheduling and collection processes.
3 Lessons
Short Course on SaaS Pricing Experiments
Learn all about getting your SaaS pricing right by running structured, systematic, easy to set-up experiments.
3 Lessons
Ellie Mees
Revenue Enablement Specialist, Chargebee
Certified Expert in Revenue Recognition
Deepen your grasp of revenue recognition through our specialized course, which delves into the intricacies of the Five-Step Framework of ASC 606/IFRS 15.Gain insights into the strategies of optimizing and automating the revenue recognition process, fostering enhanced compliance and elevated financial precision within your business.
4 Lessons
Yon Lee
Accounting SME, Chargebee RevRec
Certified Expert in Churn Management
Learn to track, manage and prevent churn by acquiring skills to identify potential churn indicators and implement proactive retention strategies to address them.
1 Lessons
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