Scale Recurring Payments on Stripe with a Smart Billing Software

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How Chargebee Works with Stripe

Subscription billing grows complex with scale. Chargebee integrates with multiple payment gateways including Stripe, and handles your recurring billing needs right from checkout till reconciliation, RevRec, reporting, and retention.

Why Chargebee?

De-risk your payment workflow

Don’t get pigeonholed into one payment gateway. Route payments based on currency and value to preferred gateways, and automate chargeback management to reduce gateway-related risks.

Integrate your tech stack

De-risk your business from any single payment service provider with plug-and-play integrations with 30+ payment gateways, multiple CRMs, helpdesks, accounting tools, and more.

Customize pricing & billing workflows

Offer custom pricing and billing frequencies for special customers, set up self-serve portals to manage their payments, and automate tax, credit notes and refunds, with minimal code.

Run plan & pricing experiments

Launch plan and pricing changes in minutes without code. Easily set up your increasingly complex product catalog with multiple currencies and manage feature access and usage limits without any code.




for your first USD 250K of cumulative billing; 0.75% on billing thereafter

Pay-as-you-go; no annual commitment




for up to USD 100K of billing per month; 0.75% on billing thereafter

Annual commitment; discount available if paid upfront




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