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Chargebee isn’t a payment gateway, we help you avoid the risks of being tied to just one. Plug Stripe into Chargebee and automate all the big blocks of subscription billing and management.

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How Chargebee Works with Stripe

Subscription billing grows complex with scale. Chargebee integrates with multiple payment gateways including Stripe, and handles your recurring billing needs right from checkout till reconciliation, RevRec, reporting, and retention

Recurring Billing for Stripe Payments

Leakproof Payment Workflow

Collect every dollar that comes your way

A failed payment attempt because of card expiry, penalties for payment disputes or chargebacks, higher gateway fees for a specific currency can all add up into a good chunk of your revenue. Chargebee helps you route specific payments and currencies to your preferred payment gateway, and automate chargeback management to reduce gateway-related risks.

Adaptive Revenue Platform

Don’t get pigeonholed into one payment gateway

With scale, your business will need to accommodate unique buying cycles, sales-led and product-led sales motions, finer revenue controls decoupled from your codebase, and unified revenue & customer data. Chargebee helps you de-risk your business from any single payment service provider with plug-and-play integrations with 28+ payment gateways and 30+ CRMs, helpdesks, accounting tools, and more.

Discover how Chargebee can support your unique subscription workflows.

Subscriptions at Scale

Easy to implement and scale without developer dependency

Catering to different customer preferences in the flip of a switch is key when you scale. Chargebee helps you offer custom pricing for special customers, set up self-serve portals for customers to manage their payments, and automate credit notes and refunds, all with minimal developer dependency. 

Flexible Pricing Experiments

Launch plan and pricing changes in minutes without code

You can’t find and drive product-market fit with just a payment gateway. Chargebee helps you experiment with multiple price points and offer unique plan bundles at custom prices without jumping through hoops. Chargebee also makes it a breeze to set up your increasingly complex product catalog with multiple currencies, automate tax, and billing frequencies, and manage feature access and usage limits without any code.

Is Chargebee right for you?

Chargebee fits ambitious B2C/B2B, physical/digital goods, self-serve/sales-led businesses with unique subscription models

Scale can’t be an afterthought

Swapping a billing platform, and migrating gateways are all super painful and most don’t see this coming until it’s too late, but that’s not you.

Off-the-shelf billing is plain vanilla

You prefer simplicity like everyone else, but you also know that your billing needs are more nuanced than the rest.

Subscriptions are a lifecycle problem

Winning as a subscription business needs a lifecycle-led approach, from Checkout & Catalog management to RevRec and Retention

Broader capabilities for a brighter future

The risk of revenue leakage grows as you scale, with a poor collections process, manual rev rec, and churn. It's good to get the foundation right:


Manage subscriptions, billing, and invoicing at scale


Recover failed payments and get paid faster with a proactive collection strategy


Unburden your finance team with automated, compliant revenue recognition


Reduce churn and improve LTV with an irresistible cancel deflection experience  

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