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Certified Expert in BillingOps (Beginner Level)
Streamline recurring billing and invoicing operations for your growing subscription business.
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As your business grows, streamlining your recurring billing and revenue operations could be a challenge. We have got you covered in this two-part certification. Get a hang of the complexities involved in scaling a recurring billing engine. Learn to navigate the same in a systematic way. Master the essential two steps towards optimising your billing operations. Simplify and customize your invoice operations. Learn to set up billing on the basis of usage. Never miss out on another pro tip to ace the customer experience w.r.t your billing and invoicing.

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  • Introduction to BillingOps

Driving Efficiencies in Billing

  • Setting BillingOps for Massive Scale

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Certified Expert in BillingOps (Beginner Level) certification?
The Certified Expert in BillingOps (Beginner Level) certification is a two-part certification that teaches you how to streamline your recurring billing and revenue operations for your growing subscription business.
What concepts will I learn in the certification?
The certification covers essential topics, such as setting up a recurring billing engine, simplifying and customizing your invoice operations, setting up billing based on usage, and optimizing your billing operations to enhance the customer experience.
Who is this certification intended for?
This certification is ideal for all SaaS professionals who want to streamline their billing and invoicing operations for their growing subscription businesses. Business Leaders at SaaS Companies, Revenue Ops professionals in subscription businesses, candidates or students seeking employment in SaaS Companies, and SaaS founders are likely to benefit the most from this certification.
How is the certification delivered?
The certification is delivered online through a learning platform, allowing you to learn at your own pace from anywhere.
Is there a certification at the end of the certification?
Yes, upon completing the certification, you will receive a digital certificate of completion that you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.
What are the benefits of taking this certification?
This certification will equip you with the essential concepts and tools to streamline your recurring billing and invoicing operations for your growing subscription business. It will help you avoid common mistakes and optimize your billing operations to improve the customer experience.
Are there any prerequisites for this certification?
There are no specific prerequisites for this certification. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of SaaS business processes.
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