Mastering SaaS Analytics
Certified Expert in SaaS Analytics
Master all SaaS metrics applicable to your business stage and business objectives.
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Using the right metrics to measure your subscription business' health is an art. In SaaS, there exists an armory of metrics. And knowing which ones are the right metrics for your business can make all the difference.

Since there are numerous metrics, your ability to leverage those metrics at scale lies in striking the intricate balance between choosing the right categories of metrics and drawing insights from them on a regular basis. 
Dive right into Acquisition, Finance, Retention & Revenue Metrics to put your business on a fast-paced growth trajectory.

  • Learn in ~60 mins:

  • Initial Stage, Growth Stage and Maturity Stage Metrics

  • Acquisition, Finance, Retention & Revenue Metrics

  • Hands-on with Subscription Analytics Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does this SaaS Analytics certification cover?
One of the most comprehensive curricula on ‘SaaS business analytics’, this certification helps you identify and track the right metrics, basis the growth stage of your business. Dive right into Acquisition, Finance, Retention & Revenue Metrics to put your subscription business on a fast-paced growth trajectory
Who is this certification for?
Financial Analysts at SaaS companies, Business Leaders at SaaS Companies, Revenue Ops professionals in subscription businesses, Candidates or students seeking employment in SaaS Companies, SaaS Founders, Investors evaluating SaaS companies, Product Managers for software companies
Why should you take the SaaS Analytics certification?
Deepen your understanding and application of SaaS metrics, Have terms such as MRR, ARR, NRR, etc. at your fingertips, Signal being up-to-date on SaaS skills to your business stakeholders or recruiters
What do you get upon completing the SaaS Analytics certification?
Secure a certification directly in your inbox, Easily add it as a LinkedIn Credential, Add it to your resume or instantly share it in your social circles
Who else has taken this SaaS certification?
Over 3000 business professionals from top companies have enrolled for this course. Our learners are subscription business professionals from Okta, Calendly, Typeform,, etc.
Are there any pre-requirements before taking this certification?
Nothing in particular. All you need is to put in some of your time and effort! The course is free and available online