Driving Subscription Growth
Become a Certified Subscription Manager
Learn the ropes of setting up and scaling a subscription-based model. How to price a subscription-based product, how to acquire customers - find answers to all this and more in this course.
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Choose from a host of different subscription based business models for your initial set-up. Set customer acquisition strategies into motion. Acquiring customers is not enough. Unlike one-time transaction arrangements, subscriptions require you to delight your customers time and again. Get a hang of delivering well on customer-lifecycle management to grow your subscription business. Learn all about freemiums, trials and other ways to supercharge your subscriptions. Make your CX stand out and set your business for hyper-growth.

  • Learn in ~60 mins:

  • Setting up a Subscription business

Acquiring & Delighting Customers

Scaling Subscriptions

The brands you aspire to work for, work on subscriptions.
Explore our curated set of free courses, expert advice and resources. Acquire new skills and career-changing expertise to run and scale any subscription based business.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Certified Subscription Manager certification?
The Certified Subscription Manager certification is a course designed to enable and equip individuals on how to build and grow a successful subscription-based business. It covers various business models, customer acquisition strategies, customer lifecycle management, and ways to enhance customer experience.
Who can take this certification?
This certification is suitable for individuals who want to start their subscription-based business, managers who want to grow their existing subscription business and professionals who want to enhance their skills in subscription management.
What are the prerequisites for taking this certification?
There are no specific prerequisites for taking this certification. However, having prior knowledge or experience in business, marketing, or customer service can be helpful.
How long does it take to complete the certification?
Typically, it can take up to 1 hour. The course is self-paced. Your progress as a learner keeps getting stored along the way so that you can come back and start from where you left off.
What topics are covered in the certification program?
The certification program covers various topics such as choosing a subscription business model, customer acquisition strategies, customer lifecycle management, freemiums, trials, and enhancing customer experience.
What are the benefits of getting a Certified Subscription Manager certified?
The Certified Subscription Manager certification can help individuals gain a better understanding of subscription-based businesses and equip them with skills to build and grow a successful subscription-based business.
Is the certification program available online?
Yes, the certification program is available online.
What is the cost of the certification program?
The certification is completely free.