Understanding Churn
Short Course on Fundamentals of Churn
In this 20-minute short course, familiarise yourself with the causes of churn, types of churn and best practices to analyse and counter it. Deep dive into measuring and managing all types of churn.
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Let’s get to the bottom of churn with real-life examples. Learn ways to identify and pre-empt churn. Churn can be voluntary or involuntary. And there are ways to arrest both. Not all churn is bad churn. Some of it is important to help arrive at the right fit of customers that are best suited to your product offering. Deep dive into measuring and managing all types of churn. What can our business data tell us about churn? Learn to identify which customers are churning, why are they churning and what can be done to stop them from churning.

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  • Learn in ~20 mins:

  • Overview of Churn

  • Types of Churn

Analysing Churn

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