Running Pricing Experiments
Short Course on SaaS Pricing Experiments by Ellie Mees
Learn all about getting your SaaS pricing right by running structured, systematic, easy to set-up experiments.
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Ellie Mees
Revenue Enablement Specialist, Chargebee


One of the key propellers for the hyper-growth of SaaS businesses is ‘right pricing’. But there is no permanent ‘right’ pricing- the key is to keep experimenting. And yet, most SaaS businesses are hesitant to change their pricing.

Make your pricing work for you! In this 20-minute short course, Ellie will take you through some quick ways to run experiments without disturbing your day-to-day conversions. Learn all about pricing trade secrets through real-life pricing page teardowns. Let Ellie help you set up your very own pricing experiment to set you on a path for higher business growth.

  • Learn in ~20 mins:

  • Why Pricing Experiments?

  • Industry Best Practices on Pricing

  • How to set up your own Pricing Experiment?

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