Looking for a Stripe Billing alternative?

More than a thousand high growth SaaS businesses that use Stripe for their payments, use Chargebee to handle their subscription billing and management.

Chargebee is a Subscription Billing and Management platform from the ground up.

Chargebee is an out and out subscription billing and management tool that is cut out to solve all possible subscription billing scenarios - roughly 480 of them. While Stripe has revolutionized payment processing, Stripe Billing isn't really as robust as you would like - it's merely an add-on to handle the basic billing for Stripe Payments.

Chargebee's real-time reporting is what you need: Then. Now. Forever.

SaaS Metrics are expansive. As your company grows, the need for more relationship metrics and cohorts grows, MRR and Churn offered by Stripe Billing aren't just enough to make the cut. Chargebee, with over 150 advanced metrics and reports, offers a 360° view of your entire business model, which may today’s need, but will be tomorrow’s necessities.

We fix your tax patches,
while you work on your product.

Stripe Billing’s support for configuring your taxes is not enough for all billing use-cases. With Chargebee's comprehensive tax module that supports every tax profile across geographies, cut down on tons of developer hours and prevent any technical debt that may arise. Let your developers focus on what they really care about - the product.
What people around the world have to say about Chargebee and Stripe
"I’d feel nervous about my cc processor and billing software being one and the same"
Jon Ewalt
Chargebee provides a layer on top of Stripe to make it easy for us to create accounts, trials, discounts - all in one place. It's like having a swiss-army tool for billing, ready and sharepened!
Joshua Sharp
What happens if you choose Stripe Billing over Chargebee? Mad hustle to migrate data and get a new account up and running. Panic. Mayhem. Lost subscribers in the process. Don't let the two overlap unless your SaaS is just a hobby!
Saravana Kumar
Stripe is more of a gateway which doesn't address numerous recurring payment challenges and there is no point in building a homegrown solution. So we use Chargebee as a wrapper on top of Stripe to address all our billing complexities.
Hugh Stephens
I swear 500000% by Chargebee, team is fantastic and have looked after us a lot. Downside of Stripe is that it's very messy for non-CC payments and you get locked into their ecosystem, unable to optimise for the right gateway.
Subscription Billing is more than just processing recurring payments

Advanced Billing Logic and Invoicing Capabilities

All the must-haves for effectively mapping your business workflow to the billing workflow.

Deeper Subscription Management

Comprehensive Subscription capabilities that let you pilot all of your customers' subscriptions from a single dashboard.

Simpler Subscription Accounting and Reporting

Tie your accounting books with the right billing information. 360° reporting: SaaS metrics, Deferred Revenue Reporting, AR Reports and so on.

Chargebee - The momentum leader in Subscription Management

Chargebee has been pegged as the momentum leader in Subscription Management, Analytics, Billing and Revenue Management based on real user reviews. Chargebee beats all the other Subscription Management tools hands down on all of the following categories:
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Satisfaction and ROI
Brennen Branden
Automating Finances, one subscription at a time
We use Stripe gateway and it has a solid system for subscriptions. We were not sure of spending $1000/year on Chargebee, but little did I know that you could manage subcriptions more efficiently if a gateway wasn't used directly, not to mention features like auto-capture, saving customer data, and hundreds of Zapier integrations.
Gabriel S
The Best Subscription Management platform I've found
Stripe is my favourite payment gateway, but it's focused on the API/Dev side - Chargebee's ability to manage subscriptions at the front end is something that Stripe doesn't include. Also, you essentially start for free and only when you start taking advantage of the platform, does it switch to a very small fee that's completely fair.
Reduced 80% time spent on Subscription Management
Achieved a 4x Increase in Revenue
Saved 32 hours/month of manual Accounting
White Gloved Migration Assistance
We have helped 250+ SaaS businesses migrate to Chargebee in 2019. We’d love one more to that list.
Dedicated Customer Support
You will have 24*5 access to our support team. Our team is quite thrilled to meet new people. Get on board soon!
Want to figure things yourself? Sure. We don’t want to be in your way. I will leave you alone with our help docs & API docs.