Single Page Checkout 

Single Page Checkout allows your customers to enter all their details in a single page. On clicking the Checkout/Subscribe button on your website, they will be redirected to a new URL where they can review their order, enter their account details and payment details. You can configure the fields you wish to show, the mandatory and optional fields, choose from a host of themes, and add information on your plans, company etc. Single page checkouts are more prominent amongst e-commerce providers.

Here is a sample of Single Page Checkout.

If you intend to switch to the In-App checkout, take a look at the video below. In-app Checkout functions as a modal window rather than a full page checkout. This video guides you on how to switch to In-app Checkout only on the Chargebee Test site. Contact support  to enable In-app Checkout on your Chargebee Live site.

This documentation will help you understand the settings of Single page checkout (Single Page) checkout.


Single page checkout provides your customers with a seamless checkout experience. You can customize the themes as per your company's brand and setup custom fields as required. Since the pages are hosted on Chargebee's servers, the security and PCI compliance requirements is not an overhead on your side. Chargebee's Single page checkout are compatible on desktop and mobile and come with ready integration with Google Analytics and Typekit.

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You can use the Single page checkout directly or integrate Chargebee's Single page checkout in your app via API.

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Configuring Fields and Labels 

You can customize the elements of your Single page checkout and Customer Portal, show/hide fields, customize the behavior (such as mandatory/optional), edit the messages/error text etc.

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You can customize the themes of the Single page checkout, that define the look and feel of the page in alignment with your branding requirements.

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Customer Portal 

Chargebee provides a Customer Portal for your end users to sign in and manage their subscription. You can customize the look and feel and the actions allowed in the Portal.

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Conversion Tracking Pixel 

Track the conversions on Chargebee's Thank You page using the conversion tracking pixel code.

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Custom Domain 

You can white-label the hosted page URLs by setting a custom domain name.

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3DS Payments via Single Page Checkout 

Chargebee's In-app Checkout supports 3DS payments. All you need to do is complete our SCA checklist, and Chargebee will start handling 3DS payments via In-app Checkout.

For scenarios which do not involve immediate payment like Update Payment Method, Subscription with trial etc., Chargebee performs minimum amount 3DS authorization. This ensures that subsequent payments can mostly go through without customer intervention. The authorized amount will be voided automatically.

For scenarios which involve immediate payment as in Subscription without trial, Upgrade Subscription etc., Chargebee takes care of initiating the 3DS flow and allowing 3DS verification to happen.

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