Chargebee Widgets 

Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal can also be visualized as a collection of individual widgets, each separate performing functionality. Widgets come in handy when you want to directly navigate customers to perform specific actions and directly wire them within your app layout.


This functionality is only available for API-based integration.

Available Widgets 

  • View/Edit Subscription details: the subscription management widget allows customers to view and edit their subscription details, including shipping, payment information, and cancelation options.
  • Manage payment methods: this widget allows customers to manage their payment methods for their subscriptions, including the ability to edit, remove, and add as primary payment methods.
  • Billing history: the billing history widget lets customers view a detailed record of their past billing transactions and download invoices.
  • Manage addresses: the manage addresses widgets allow customers to view/edit their billing and shipping addresses.
  • Manage account information: this widget allows the customer to view/edit their account information, including their first name, last, and email address.

See the demo for different widgets here .

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