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Hello, startups! This one's just for you!

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You're a motivated founder/co-founder

Who needs technical guidance and a set schedule to take action

You want to launch subscriptions

But complexities along the way kept you from doing it well

You wish you had access to expert advice

With ready technical assistance and business best practices

You seek a guided, step-by-step path

To streamline subscription billing for your startup

What’s in store for you?

Everything to get the job done! By joining the fast-track program you get:

Detailed step-by-step guides & blueprints

That exactly tell you how to build your subscription offering, pricing page, setup payments, and more

Free Billing Suite for your startup

Till you hit your first USD 250K* of invoicing. *T&C apply

Option to book Weekly Office Hours

With the Mentor Squad for LIVE troubleshooting and Q&A

It’s all the essentials in one place. So don’t just cruise, crush it!

The Chargebee fast-track program is designed to help you hit success super fast!

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Got questions?

Here are some of your possible queries clarified

This Challenge is designed for founders/co-founders of early-stage, subscription-based Saas businesses who are looking for ways to streamline their subscription billing. The Program guides you to set up recurring billing, launch your subscription plans to your customers, and get paid in as little as a week or less.

Usually, participants start collecting subscription revenue in 3-4 days after signing up for the Fast-track Challenge. But hey! you can take your own time as the guided video modules are 100% online and self-paced. All your progress gets saved and you can always continue from where you left off.

While there are no pre-requisites for brushing up on business best practices around subscription billing, you are likely to benefit the most from this Challenge if your subscription business or service is market ready, you've already got a payment gateway, and are looking for ways to make your subscription payment collection efficient.

While we recommend signing up for this challenge once your business is market-ready, no harm in joining the program to prepare ahead and learn all about subscription billing.

All the guided video modules for this Challenge are available 100% online, on-demand. The Program is self-paced and absolutely free to enter. Only once you complete specific milestones during the challenge, you'll have the option to book a slot for a LIVE Q&A session with Chargebee's Billing Expert Squad. Connecting with the Expert Squad is optional.

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Be launch-ready in less than a week

Fast-track Challenge is designed for ambitious SaaS startups looking to launch their subscription business in a week or less.