Move Upmarket

Sell to and Retain Enterprise Customers Better

Chargebee gives you the operational nous to handle your upmarket GTM motions. Successfully win and retain companies with multiple entities, custom plans, extensive payment collection cycles, etc.

  • Manage parent-child organizational hierarchies

  • Align your Sales and Finance teams

  • Power hybrid GTM tactics with self-serve capabilities

  • Automate Revenue Recognition and Collection workflows

  • Custom churn-prevention workflows


Get the Operational Bedrock for Upmarket Sales

Enabling Revenue teams to attack complex deals powered by the confidence in your tech-stack that scales seamlessly along with your ambitions.

Shorten Deal Cycles

Create and honor quotes without a tennis match between your Finance and Revenue teams. Issue quotes and securely collect payments without hassles.

Win Complex Deals

Manage nested payer/payee relationships and consolidate invoices as you sell to businesses with multiple entities.

Reduce Sales Effort

Help Revenue teams use pre-built plans, coupons and discounts, add-ons, and send detailed and customized customer quotes.


Automate Subscriber Lifecycle Workflows

Enable Finance and Customer-facing teams to provide the best subscription experience with capabilities to automate most popular subscription needs.

Power Hybrid GTM workflows

Reduce sales and support workload with self-serve portals that allow plan upgrades, downgrades, pauses, extensions, cancellations, and payments.

Recover Revenue Better

Create customer segments depending on risk profiles and build custom payment collection workflows to ensure better recovery from subscribers.

Provision features and licenses

Go beyond simple volume-based sales. Create custom packages depending on your customer needs without any backend code changes.


A collection of jumpstart solutions to help you drive change

Make-room for custom quotes

Override a standard product plan and manage it with the same backend workflows.

Field test new features

Offer new features as free or paid add-ons alongside current plans. Study uptake well before launch.

Modify engagements anytime

Upgrade or downgrade customers anytime in the billing cycle with automated proration.

Integrate to your CRM

Keep subscriptions data fully synced with CRM data. Get a contextual view of accounts and proactively identify growth opportunities.

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