Bill the way your pricing strategy demands

With Chargebee's platter of pricing options, find the pricing model that works the best for your subscription business.

Pricing Model

Flat Fee

Charge your customers a fixed amount on a recurring basis.

Usage Based

There are 4 different ways to charge your customers when you opt for a usage-based pricing model. The common theme to all of them is, you get to grow with your customers.


Charge your customers based on how many units they sign up for.

Fits best when pricing varies based on the number of units - be it a number of licenses, users or items.


Different slabs are assigned different per unit prices.

A customer using 15 licenses pays $10 per license.


The number of licenses purchased will be priced for the tiers it covers.

A customer using 15 licenses will have to pay $20 for the first 9 licenses and $15 for the rest.


The price for consumption depends on the slab it falls under, irrespective of the usage.

A cloud storage business charges $100 for 500GB, $200 for 2 TB and $400 for 4 TB of storage space.


Can't pick one? You don't have to. With a hybrid pricing model, you can charge one-time setup fee, grant discounts, and combine the best of usage-based and flat fee pricing. Whatever you pick, Chargebee can back.

Accommodate any complex pricing strategy and bill your customers accordingly.
For instance, a customer who signs up for Plan A has to pay a uniform fee for every unit he consumes. And if he signs up for Plan B, he is charged based on the slab his consumption falls under.

Getting your subscription pricing right is just the beginning. With the appropriate levers, bring flexiblility to your billing.

Calendar billing:

Wish to bill on a specific date irrespective of the sign-up? Have a custom billing date for certain customers? Or do you want to bill quarterly? On the 17th of the month? Or on every Thursday? Do it all with Chargebee's flexible billing rules.

Know about Recurring billing

Custom Pricing:

If you have a product or service that is unique to every customer, this one's for you. Give your sales team the ability to quote custom prices for each unique subscription offering.

Trial management:

Reap the most out of your freemium model. Easily manage free or paid trials. Start trials with or without payment info, provide extensions to retain, and send engaging emails to convert them to paying customers as the trial period runs its course.

Manage free and paid trials

Grandfathering support:

You made a promise to your customers that you wouldn't bait and switch. Keep up that promise by grandfathering prices for them even as you change your pricing plan for new customers.