Offer and Manage Prorated Subscriptions with Ease

Recurring Revenue relationships revolve around trust and flexibility.
Trust that you care about your customer's success. And flexibility to offer the right billing options and align yourself to their success and earn that trust.

Uncomplicate billing and align
it to your brand promise

Offer fair billing by easily prorating during subscription changes.

Enable your Finance and Support teams to apportion credits faster and recognize revenue accurately.

Send across invoices that are itemized, accurate, and customizable.

Prorate based on your business model and key metrics, whether they are based on usage, day of the month, etc


Earn Your Customer's Love and Trust with Itemized Invoicing


As a business, you expect to hold yourself to the highest standard to earn customers' trust. And it all starts with accurate, unambiguous, transparent Invoicing. Make it clear that to your customers that WYSIWYG. And customize the invoice to add custom fields to add an extra layer of detail that your customers expect from you. So you can make it clear how you will handle the change to the billing by displaying the current prorated charge and total amount in subsequent billing cycles.

Implement Workflows that Fit your Business Model

Your proration requirements can be usage-based, requiring decimal measurements or rounded off to a certain day. Chargebee lets you choose how you'd like to prorate directly out of the box. And the modified invoices and credit notes reflect immediately for the downstream steams via native CRM and Accounting integrations to create a fully integrated revenue stack.

Enable Your Finance Teams by Combining Proration with Revenue Recognition

Recurring billing complicates how revenue is recognized and makes it difficult for you to comply with twith ASC 606/IFRS 15 mandates. Incorrect recognition leads to investors losing faith in your brand's credibility and valuation. Chargebee ensures that proration is handled automatically and reflected accurately in your reporting. So, your Finance teams do not have to recognize revenue on spreadsheets or spend crazy month-end reconciliation hours. The out-of-the-box reporting is a delightful bonus for your Finance and Leadership teams!


Simplify the Process of Proration by Automating Subscription Actions


Details matter. Tasks like specifying whether you want to override proration or not, or the ability to charge now or include the charges in the subsequent invoices, are simple to handle. These details in both the user interface and the API make it a breeze to automate and manage most scenarios gracefully. Suppose a customer requests for a future subscription change from the next billing cycle to upgrade or downgrade. In that case, the support team need not remember the customer's billing cycle to make changes. Schedule the changes today. And the system would automatically make changes at the scheduled time and also initiate appropriate charges accurately.

A lot of accounting systems do not understand the logic of subscriptions. And so, they are not showing a big part of MRR. That has been the biggest challenge for me. They probably connect to payment gateways and collect payments. But I think the whole reporting and customer view in terms of subscriptions, different plans, and billing dates, and subscription start dates and cancellations — that has been challenging. And that's why you need a solution like Chargebee that understands this better.
Katharina Baudrex, Head of Finance, Userlane