Every Email Notification is a
Growth Opportunity

Don't leave opportunities for better customer experience or revenue potential untapped.

For a Better Email Experience

Revenue Operations

Personalize emails for customers based on region, plan, or any other segment to drive action.

Best Reviewed. Always!

Drive conversions by sending relevant reminders to customers based on their lifecycle stage.

24x7 Customer Support

Reduce spam by segmenting customers, and sending bulk emails, or one-on-one emails at a subscription or invoice level.


Improve customer experience with creative templates and subject lines for renewals, refunds, payment reminders, and more.

Say it, Don't Spray it

Segmented Subscription Email Notifications

Inboxes hate emails that are not meant for them. Reach the right audience by segmenting your customers based on region, plan, or any differentiating factor to send relevant notifications. There's always the bulk email option if you want to announce something universal, like a pricing change or a compliance communication. You can also send one-to-one communications on a customer level, subscription level, or invoice level.

Add a Note to email

Drive Decisive Actions with the Right Words

Emails have the power to reactivate inactive accounts, recover revenue, ensure revenue flow, and more. With the right emails and subject lines, you can drive conversions. Not just that, you can also design templates for specific actions like sending a quote or an invoice. When it's time to send them out, you can add notes for the customer instead of editing the whole template.

With Improved Security to Avoid PR Disasters

with improved security to avoid pr disasters

Any email has the potential to turn into an e-mayhem. In Chargebee's action email notifications, admins need to add and edit email templates before they can be used, and emails can go out only from a list of I.D.s added by the admin. Not only does that reduce the risk of email disasters, but it also improves security.

Brand email editor

For a Better Customer and Brand Experience

Write your email afresh. Add splashes of your brand. Italicize your puns and P.S. link social accounts. Translate content to suit your audience and make changes to them if something doesn't fit right! You can also add notes to customers in generic email templates. Little things like this go a long way in improving customer experience.

Better Transparency to your Email Communication

with improved security to avoid pr disasters

Emails are a vital cog in the wheel of business communication, especially when it comes to payment confirmation, sending invoices, dunning, etc. With Chargebee, you know whether a customer has opened your email or not. Use the knowledge of these statuses to decide alternate communication channels, if the emails have bounced or not been read.

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