Monetization Platform for OTT &Video

Build a Subscription Monetization Model with No Code

Convert your viewers into raving fans by seizing each touchpoint across their subscription lifecycle.

Flexible Subscription Monetization Workflow

Expand into new geographies

with support for multiple languages, currencies, and compliance regulations.

Centralize in-app and web subscriptions

under one roof with cross-channel reporting.

Deflect cancellations

by offering intelligent cancel experiences with personalized offers, messages and surveys.

Manage content access

and automate provisioning by setting limits on a plan or subscription level.   


Iterate on Monetization Models Without Service Disruption

Should you combine subscriptions with pay-per-view for premium content? Or offer a free plan that is paid for by advertisers? Price your subscription as a simple flat fee? Base it on the number of devices or users? Charge depending on usage?

Skip the guesswork with Chargebee, the perfect platform to test out SVOD, PVOD, or AVOD - and iterate upon them to achieve market fit.


Convert Trial Users with an Unparalleled Experience

Ever wanted to customize the look and feel of your checkout page, only to be held back by worries about coding and tokenization? Chargebee’s hosted checkout gives you complete control of aesthetics and more. What’s more - is that you can set up seamless trial-to-paid conversion workflows with Chargebee’s trial management capabilities, offer trial extensions with one click, and send trial-ending reminders via a payment link.


Retain Subscribers with a Proactive Churn Prevention Workflows

Automate a viewer’s entire subscription lifecycle right from checkout to renewals. Reduce involuntary churn due to failed payments or card expiries with Chargebee’s smart dunning and collections capabilities. And for voluntary churn like cancellations, set up an irresistible deflection workflow with unique offers and retain that customer using Chargebee Retention.


Break Market Expansion Barriers Effortlessly

Chargebee is built to help OTT businesses break geographical barriers to market entry. Offer user-friendly payment methods worldwide, in their local currency and language, with the right tax calculations. Chargebee helps you comply with EU-VAT, GDPR, eInvoicing, PSD2, and many privacy, tax, and accounting regulations.