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Chargebee Billing

Manage subscriptions, billing, and invoicing at scale — at any step on your growth journey.


For ambitious companies who want to launch a subscription model and unlock their growth potential.


for your first USD 250K of cumulative billing; 0.75% on billing Once a merchant's cumulative billing exceeds the given USD 250K limit, an overage fee of 0.75% is charged on a monthly basis for all billing thereafter. thereafter

Pay-as-you-go; no annual commitment
All you need to get started
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for multiple tax regions
  • Dunning for online and offline payments
  • Support for multiple pricing models
  • Tax reports


For scaling companies who want to optimize their revenue operations and lay the foundation for rapid growth.


for up to USD 100K of billing per month; 0.75% on billing An overage fee of 0.75% is charged on a monthly basis for all billing in excess of the given USD 100K monthly limit. For example, if a merchant processes USD 110K in a given month, an overage fee of USD 75 (0.75% of USD 10K) will be charged for that month. thereafter

Annual commitment; discount available if paid upfront
Everything in Starter +
  • Advance and consolidated invoices
  • Quotes
  • Support for multiple payment methods per customer
  • Chargeback automation
  • User role management
  • Priority phone support


For leading companies who want to drive continued growth via new products, geos, pricing models, and more.


Get a quote tailored to your requirements.
Everything in Performance +
  • Account hierarchy
  • Contract terms
  • Support for multiple business entities
  • Manual Discounts

Chargebee Billing - FAQs

No, there is no extra charge for creating additional site(s) within an Account. Charges are only based on the total billing (or number of invoices) generated across all your sites.

Yes, every domain signed up with Chargebee comes with a free test environment. You may use this test environment to explore, develop, and test before you go live.

All prices are exclusive of taxes. Any applicable taxes shall be charged separately.

During the Initial / Renewal Subscription Term defined in the relevant Pricing Agreement, the total value of all valid invoices (including taxes) that Customer may raise to their End-Customer(s) via the Chargebee Services, less the value of (a) any invoices voided within thirty (30) days of invoice creation date and (b) any prorated credit notes issued to End-Customers due to a change in such End-Customer’s subscription. Once the TIV has been exhausted, overage fees shall apply as outlined in the relevant Pricing Agreement. Customer agrees that all voided invoices shall be done solely to correct a billing/invoicing error.

Once you subscribe to a plan, you'll be allocated a threshold limit and an overage rate.

For example, say that you select the following plan:

Plan: Chargebee Performance Plan - $599/mo
Billing Currency: USD
Threshold: $100,000
Overage Rate: 0.75%

Once your Monthly Recurring Billing surpasses $100,000, a fee of 0.75% will be charged for every dollar that exceeds this mark.

If your Monthly Recurring Billing for a particular month amounts to $120,000, the overage calculation will be as follows:

(120,000 - 100,000) * 0.75% = 20,000 * 0.0075 = $150

Thus, for that specific month, your total invoice will comprise the following:

Monthly platform fee: $599
Overage fee: $150
Total invoice amount: $749

Chargebee Retention

Every cancel attempt is an opportunity to save and learn. How many subscribers cancel each month? Subscription companies have seen 9x ROI with Chargebee Retention.

I have
subscribers cancel each month, paying

Estimated revenue retained over 12 months


Grow your subscription services and reduce voluntary churn.


for the first 0 sessions monthly
  • Branded, personalized cancel experiences
  • A/B page testing
  • Actionable performance dashboard
  • 4 experiences
  • 4 offers
  • 4 audiences
Quarterly and annual pricing available.


Maximize subscriber retention with best in class digital experiences.


for the first 0 sessions monthly
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Multi-variate testing
  • Launch guidance and account management
  • 10 experiences
  • 10 offers
  • 10 audiences
Annual plans available.


Leverage an agile, flexible, and secure retention optimization solution.


Pricing maximizes ROI as you grow
Discover the power of customer retention with a custom plan tailored to your business. Increase customer loyalty, drive repeat sales, and unlock your full potential.
  • Smart targeting (Machine Learning)
  • Multiple brands, integrations, and dashboards
  • Best practices and strategic planning
  • Retained revenue reporting
  • Unlimited experiences
  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited audiences
Annual plans available.

Chargebee Retention - FAQs

Chargebee Retention is a revenue-generating service, in that we save customers from canceling, and in doing so generate positive ROI. We charge based on your plan (Essential, Performance, or Enterprise) and your plan tier, depending on your volumes (or the number of monthly sessions). Your plan tier includes a number of base sessions per month (e.g. the 1000 - 2500 session Performance plan tier includes 1000 sessions per month), as well as a base session rate in case you exceed your session limit.

A session is when any user clicks “cancel” and is routed to a cancel deflection page. If an end-user revisits the cancel page within the save interval (watch list period), then they are deduplicated.

Don’t worry, if you exceed the base session limit included in your plan (for example, you use 1,256 sessions on a 1,000 - 2,500 session Performance plan), then you’ll be charged at your plan’s base session rate (e.g. the additional 256 sessions @ USD 0.90/session), up to the maximum number of sessions allowed by your plan (e.g. 2,500 in this case).

You can also choose to upgrade your plan at any time by contacting your Chargebee Retention representative or you will be prompted to do so if you exceed the number of maximum monthly sessions within your plan.

Yes, we offer a free 30-day Essential plan trial where you can create an account, import and sync your data, customize your cancellation experience, and use many of Chargebee Retention’s features. You’ll be prompted to upgrade once you have reached the end of your trial or when you are ready for onboarding (Performance and Enterprise only).

Yes, you can request to do so at any time; however, the downgrade will not take effect until your contract is up for renewal (e.g., upon your month-to-month renewal date for Essential plan or upon your annual renewal for Performance or Enterprise plan).

Depending on the plan you select, we offer a variety of support options to help you get started and scale with our products:
  • Chat and engage with our support team through the website.
  • Have onboarding guidance to our products and features with an expert success team.
  • Designated Customer Success Manager and Implementation Specialist to help with onboarding, implementation, and strategy, such as periodic performance reviews.

Our default pricing model is based on revenue. But, if you believe invoice-based pricing suits your business better, let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate it.

View your account usage from your account page and modify your plans through your Chargebee representative.

Yes, this can be accommodated either by exporting CSVs at any time from within the Retention App, via exporting event data using Retention Webhooks, or our Segment.com integration. Finally, Performance and Enterprise customers may request a raw data export from your customer success manager (CSM) if you decide to leave Chargebee.