Streamline your self-serve SaaS from signup to success

Put your subscription workflow on autopilot, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Roll out the red carpet

Smooth out acquisition

with first-class and ever-reliable checkout experiences 

Create upsell opportunities

by offering upgrade options and add-ons reachable with a few taps of your app.

Build seamless customer workflows

with easy trials, freemium plans, smart recovery, and lifecycle emails. 

Expand across geographies

by accepting local currencies and tax rules out of the box.

Acquisition and Onboarding

Turn visitors into customers

Overly complex journeys leave potential customers lost. With Chargebee, give them the simple subscription experience they crave. Don’t just tell your customers why they should sign up, show them with a trial. Offer a checkout journey that drives them to convert and when the moment of truth arrives, you know they’ll make the right choice.

Engagement and Enablement

“Self-serve” shouldn’t mean “losing touch with customers”

It’s all too easy to lose the human touch when onboarding customers. Before you know it, things start to snowball, flooding your support team with a backlog of unanswered queries. Chargebee allows your customers to help themselves thanks to a portal within your app. And by extending the self-service experience into upgrades and payment management - and sending contextual segmented emails throughout the customer’s subscription lifecycle - you could reduce your support overload by over 60%.

Recovery and Retention

Turn the churn problem upside down

Churn is agonizing. You don’t like it. Your finance team doesn’t like it. And when your recovery process starts getting too aggressive, your payment provider doesn’t like it either. 

Chargebee helps you go beyond merely preventing churn. Smart Dunning and Retry Logic let you maximize recovery without landing your subscription business in hot water with your payment provider. And when your customers think about cancelling, you can persuade them to pause instead of leave altogether.

Grow and Scale

Make country and language barriers a thing of the past

Some things are meant to have boundaries. Football fields, for example. Not your SaaS business. Reach your customers whether they are on home turf or across the sea. With Chargebee, accept 50+ currencies, localize checkout pages and customer portals, and service subscribers anywhere, anytime. To make going global even easier, automate your entire tax management – from Australian GST to US Sales Tax to EU-VAT.

Scale your Self-Serve SaaS by Automating Subscriptions.