One Time Purchase 

Chargebee handles one-time purchases made on the Google Play Store implying the concept of Charges. Google classifies one-time purchases as consumable, non-consumable, and non-renewing subscriptions. Learn more .

These are the types of one-time purchases with examples:

  • Consumable: This represents a one-time purchase that provides users with in-app benefits or effects that can be consumed or depleted over time, such as lives, gems, boosts, or digital tips. Once consumed, the purchased item is no longer available and must be repurchased to obtain its benefits again.
  • Non-consumable: This represents a one-time purchase that provides a permanent benefit to the user and can be purchased once without expiration. This type of purchase is typically used to offer premium features or content that enhance the app's user experience, such as additional filters or cosmetic items in a game.
  • Non-renewing subscription: This represents a subscription that grants access to services or content for a limited period, such as a season pass to in-game content. Unlike other subscription models, this type of subscription does not renew automatically and requires users to purchase a new subscription once it concludes to continue accessing the content or services. In google play store users have the option to acquire a prepaid base plan, granting them subscription privileges for a specific billing duration without automatic renewal. Learn more .

Syncing One-Time Purchases 

To make one-time purchases and sync them to Chargebee as a Charge, you can use:

  • purchaseNonSubscriptionProduct function from our Android SDK. This function makes purchases on behalf of your App and obtains the token for the one-time purchase from Google Play Store. Post this it invokes Chargebee's API to validate the token with Google's server and create a charge, and invoice in Chargebee.
  • When the purchase is made and you want to sync that purchase to Chargebee then use the one-time purchase API with the token you received from Google. This API validates the token with Google's server, creates a charge in Chargebee (if not existing), and generates an invoice for that specific one-time purchase.

Identifying One-Time Purchases in Chargebee 

The following details will help you to identify one-time purchases in Chargebee.

  • View the charge that gets associated with a customer. To view these changes, navigate to Customers > Customer Details Page > History > Invoices. You can see the charges associated with the specific customer in the invoice.
  • This customer gets an invoice generated for the associated charge. To view these invoices, navigate to the Invoices page and apply the Invoice Number filter with the value consumable, non-consumable, or non_renewing. You can identify the one-time purchase by Invoice ID. The Invoice ID appears with a product type prefix - consumable, non_consumable, and non_renewing.
  • You can also generate revenue reports for one-time purchases.
    1. Navigate to Revenue Story > Report Builder > Build New Report > Visual Reports.
    2. In Categories & Values, select the Values field's input as Invoice line Items > Amount, select the X-axis field's input as Invoice Line Items > Description, and click Build Report.
    3. In Filter, add the Invoice Line Items > Description > Contains > one time purchase and click Apply Filter.
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